The Reimagine Risk: Underwriting through a Racial Equity Lens is a training program for U.S. financial institutions, regulators, and community leaders. The Underwriting for Racial Justice (URJ) is a program of Beneficial State Foundation convening a group of more than 100 underwriters, impact leaders at financial institutions, regulators, innovators in alternative underwriting, and borrowers of color from across the country to develop solutions to address system inequities and increase loan capital for people of color in the US.

Training Overview & Format:

The training will take place from 9:00AM - 5:00PM on Tuesday, June 27. These instructor-led sessions are interactive, engaging, and approachable. The instructors will lead the sessions virtually.

Intended Audience:

Bank executives, board members, underwriters, loan officers and servicers, community engagement staff, and banking regulators. Community organizations working for racial and economic justice outcomes.

Course Objectives:

Throughout this course, participants will learn about racially equitable practices and approaches, recognize bias, policies, and power dynamics, and gain perspective on the long-standing systemic racial inequities and their perpetuity in current underwriting practices.


  • Shannan Herbert (EVP Inclusive Credit at Stratyfy)

    Shannan Herbert

    EVP Inclusive Credit at Stratyfy

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  • Erin Kilmer Neel (Executive Director & Chief Impact Officer of Beneficial State Foundation)

    Erin Kilmer Neel

    Executive Director & Chief Impact Officer of Beneficial State Foundation

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