Electricity distribution networks provides the "last mile" of the supply chain in the delivery of electricity to domestic, business, commercial, light industrial and agricultural customers of electricity. Distribution networks are also the most neglected and the most vulnerable.


Aging distribution infrastructure includes substations, switchgear, transformers, lines, cables, mini-substations, meter points and distribution boards, much of which is in a parlous state, requiring reliability maintenance, refurbishment or replacement.

The situation is hampered by funding constraints which have left a R100-billion backlog in distribution maintenance spending that has been growing for decades, accentuated by mismanagement, maladministration and corruption within local government

The threat to security of supply is evidenced daily across South Africa, with power outages from distribution network failures, cable theft and vandalism dwarfing those from generation capacity constraints and load shedding.

This webinar addresses the need for a national strategy and fact-based approach to reliability maintenance for distribution networks, coupled with massive investment in distribution infrastructure, equipment and skills to address the backlog.

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