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Event Details
Event Details

In this three-part webinar series, we are diving deep into how to develop and maintain a high performing Executive team.

Are you dealing with one of these scenarios?

  1. STARS: You've got a team of stars but not a star team. They are each super talented and accomplished, but in their own division. There may be power struggles, silos, and unhealthy competition. There may even be a few prima donnas. You really need them to think with more of a helicopter view of the whole organisation and collaborate more together.
  2. NOVICES: You've got a new team - either from a spill and fill, or you're setting up a brand new enterprise or project. They are new to leadership, and new to each other. There may be confusion, jostling for position as they size each other up, and a lot of one on one time with you. You can't get ahead because you are spending so much time dealing with them.
  3. AMATEURS: You've got a friendly team with great morale, but lack the ability to deliver. It's fun, but it feels like all care and little responsibility. There are plenty of costly mistakes and missed deadlines. You spend a lot of time mopping up.

What you really want is an ELITE team. They are all technically competent in leading their own department and have big picture strategy and culture skills. They are proactive and collaborative. They can easily stand in for you (so you can have a break!) and stand in for their peers. Together you are building an amazing vision of the future, and moving actively towards it.

We aim to give you the frameworks and steps to take your team from wherever they are - Stars, Novices, or Amateurs - to Elite Executive status, and stay there.

Who should attend

This webinar series is aimed at:

  • CEOs
  • CIOs
  • COOs
  • MDs 
  • GMs and
  • Senior Managers who want to level up their executive team performance.
Webinar 1:

Tuesday 13th July

Webinar 1: Assess Your Team

  • Determine what their most urgent development needs are
  • Map out the next steps you can take immediately to shift them towards an Elite team (and give you some relief)
  • Avoid common mistakes when it comes to leading a high performing team
Webinar 2 & 3:

Tuesday 20th July

Webinar 2: The Nuts and Bolt of Elite Teams

  • Specific practices you need to have in place to ensure collaboration and innovation
  • What to look for when identifying people's strengths, and the conditions to leverage them
  • The single most important discipline you and your team need to embrace to get anywhere close to Elite performance.

Tuesday 27th July

Webinar 3: Role of the Leader in Elite Teams

  • The key capabilities you need to be an amplifier of your team's performance
  • How things go wrong: troubleshooting Executive team disasters
  • Keeping the vibe alive: long term sustainable Elite Performance
Webinar Facilitator
Webinar Facilitator
  • Zoe Routh (Zoe Routh)

    Zoe Routh

    Zoe Routh

Zoe specialises in showing leaders who want to cut their time spent on people stuff issues by 75% while creating a team they love to lead. More time to get work done, with less stress.

With over thirty years of working with leaders around the world, my clients say that she is a true asset for leaders and teams who want to build great cultures to deliver on solid strategy. She's like a navigator in the wilderness of leadership: showing leaders and teams how to read the map.



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