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This newly developed program aims to support a leader's inner confidence, courage and wisdom to sustain them through crises by working with them to:

  • Access their innate ability to be an inspiring and compassionate leader who acts in ways that exemplify the ethics that are most important to them and their organisation.
  • Develop their wisdom in knowing how to apply ethics to a complex world for the mutual benefit of themselves and others, at the individual and organisational level.
  • Build confidence in their inner ethical compass to underpin and reinforce the purpose and meaning in their lives to achieve tangible outcomes for the mutual benefit of themselves and others.
  • Refine judgements about themselves and others to assist them in understanding the deeper causes of situations and emerging problems as well as finding innovative mutually beneficial solutions
  • Aid them in sitting comfortably in the space of ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty whilst developing intuition and intelligence about these environments.

This an immersive program with limited participant numbers.

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Rhonda Andrews (Managing Director of Barrington Centre)

Rhonda Andrews

Managing Director of Barrington Centre

Dr Mark Crosweller AFSM (Founder and Director, Ethical Intelligence of Ethical Intelligence)

Dr Mark Crosweller AFSM

Founder and Director, Ethical Intelligence of Ethical Intelligence


Sustainable Leadership Practice (SLP) Registration

Registration includes participation in the intensive two-day Sustainable Leadership Practice (SLP) program

Standard PriceA$5,500



ThinkPlace Canberra
50 Blackall Street
Barton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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