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Things I've tried:

  • created from Website using iPad

(1) Set-Up (Event Settings & Registration Settings)

  • multiple ticket types
  • early bird pricing
  • creating a discount code
  • discount codes can be limited by:
  • date range (earlybird)
  • # of tickets (aka 1st ten tickets)
  • ticket type (ie: members vs cohorts)
  • *** Do we need to charge CND Taxes? ***
  • SEO words: Balance, Acupuncture, Tan Balance, Tan Academy
  • Social Media sharing: FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat
  • Added Jill as an Event Team Member

(2) Publish (content)

  • Created a summary (this breakdown of steps)
  • Added Speakers - Meghan & Jill
  • Created a 2 part Agenda
  • Reviewed our Sponsors & Partners - Nothing to add, TAB shows up as Organizer
  • Created an Invite list
  • Invited members individually
  • to batch invite it looks like we need to make a contact *smart* list
  • Ticket Types:
  • TAB Hub Membership: aka Adam & I were invited using our gmail/hotmail accounts
  • Tab Team: aka Jill, Suzanne, Dr Tan & I were invited using our Tan emails

(3) Promote

  • Created an Invitation Campaign basic template (looks like we can get very creative as we get better)
  • Event Updates Campaign created
  • "Announcing special guest Dr Sonia Tan"
  • Set to send to Registrants on Jan 8th automatically
  • Task for event assigned to meghan - Add Dr Tan
  • Advertisement
  • selling advertisement space on tickets
  • something we can look at later (Eastern Currents, Net of Knowledge, AcuFast, Others!?!)

(4) Manage

  • Attendee List - auto-updated to include me as my TAN Email
  • Badges - created a basic badge
  • Onsite Tool Kit
  • Finance

(5) Follow-Up

  • Surveys - created a short survey for ticket type "TAB Hub Member" (aka Adam & I)

*** Counter Intuitive Last Step ***

(2) Publish (Layout& Design)

When trying to Publish after Reviewing all of the above:

  • Had to add a host (Meghan)
  • Had to override that "I wasn't a team member?!?"
  • New ULR created:
  • My Host ticket (set manually as a "Tab Team" - came though automatically as a registration
  • Scheduled invites to be sent at 1pm Jan 4
  • Not able to update "sender email" or DNS settings

My end of things

  • reply emails - worked
  • discount code - worked

(2) Publish (Content) - After publishing the event

  • Changed event time (from 1:30 to 1pm)
  • system auto updated agenda
  • website auto updated
  • google calendar updated automatically
  • no auto emails sent to me (tickets held)
  • confirm did the invite change? Adam confirmed No
  • Confirm registration - did it update there?


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