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Executive Thought Leadership Forum

Finding Talent in an Uncertain World


Jeff Mike, Head of Research for extended workforce solution Flextrack Inc.,

previously Head of Human Capital Research and Insights for Deloitte Consulting


Chris Havrilla, Vice President, Product Strategy, Talent, Oracle,

former VP of HC Technology Research & Advisory, Deloitte Consulting

Resignations, boomerangs, and quiet quitting have been grabbing the headlines for the past year, but what's underneath it all? In a word, "agency" – the ability to exert power in the workplace. Workers are expressing increased agency based on the demand for their skills in a dynamic digital economy and a rethinking of their experience, expectations, needs, and where work fits into their lives.

While economic cycles may amplify or dampen the effects of this increased agency, the underlying assumptions about people and work and their relationship with their employers has changed forever. In order to access the talent and skills they need to achieve business objectives in this new environment, organizational leaders need new perspectives on work and accessing the people with the skills to perform it. This means understanding the changes in why, where and how people work and what it takes to drive sustainable productivity moving forward.

Join us to explore how organizations are rethinking access to talent in order to fuel their enterprises with the skills and expertise to achieve their strategies and grow into the future. Strategies for accessing talent include:

  • Rethinking workforce architecture as automation and hybrid models transform work
  • Creating talent marketplaces as a solution for skills shortages and career development
  • Establishing the "extended workforce" as a pillar of enterprise people strategies

Join us at ESA as we welcome back two notable Future of Work researchers and speakers!

Sep 27, 2022

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)


  • Jeff Mike (Head of Workforce Research at Flextrack, Inc.)

    Jeff Mike

    Head of Workforce Research at Flextrack, Inc.

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  • Chris Havrilla (VP, Product Strategy, Talent at Oracle)

    Chris Havrilla

    VP, Product Strategy, Talent at Oracle

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