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Event Details
Event Details

We're excited to have on board Compass Housing Services' Group Chief Strategic Engagement Officer, Professor David Adamson OBE, for a special Industry Connect event on November 9, coinciding with this year's COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference (October 31-November 12).

He'll be joined by Matthew Woodward, CEO of Unity Housing, who has been working with David to align Unity Housing with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to set the organisation on a journey to deliver Agenda 2030. Matthew, his team and the Unity Board are fully committed to making the greatest contribution they can to the achievement of the SDGs.

"The organisations we work within can make a substantial impact to reduce carbon footprints. The United Nations Global Compact and its Australian Network are driving business responses and major companies are making ambitious carbon reduction targets and setting zero-carbon dates far more ambitious than their respective national governments. The problem for many organisations is knowing how to begin this process and how they can integrate carbon reduction objectives in their general governance and strategic planning." — Prof. David Adamson OBE

To learn more about SDGs, and the role that the housing sector can play in tackling climate change, you can read David's article: Climate change and how the housing sector can help on the ahi blog.

What will be discussed:

  • What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • How housing organisations and professionals can develop their contribution to SDG achievement
  • How SDGs are designed to promote social justice and climate justice
  • Does working towards the SDGs create new costs for housing organisations?
  • Key actions that organisations can take to contribute to the United Nations Decade of Action for climate change
  • Are we optimistic or pessimistic about what will be achieved globally by the SDG target date of 2030?
  • What can we do as individuals in our personal and family lives to help tackle climate change, and reduce our carbon footprint
  • The SDGs were established in 2016 not long after the Paris Agreement on climate action. How is the world doing reaching those targets?
  • The United Nations' report on the progress on the SDGs — how is Australia doing?
  • David Adamson (Chief Strategic Engagement Officer at Compass Housing Services)

    David Adamson

    Chief Strategic Engagement Officer at Compass Housing Services

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