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Are you ready to level up as a design thinking lead in your organisation?

Join the Train-the-Facilitator Programme! You will learn how to build the organisation readiness for design thinking and facilitate the process effectively with different stakeholders- even online!

What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is paramount in enabling the outcomes of the design thinking process, while also creating a safe and inclusive space for the people in the room. Skilled facilitators enable organisations to address key business challenges more effectively and have stronger competence in solving problems in a more innovative way. The Train-the Facilitator Programme helps organisations develop team members to plan and facilitate design thinking work sessions.

Target Participants

  • Have some understanding of and experience in applying design thinking in their organisations
  • Have been certified in the "Train-the-Practitioner" programme organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre in 2019/2020 or other similar programmes

This programme admits 20 people in a first-come-first-served basis. This programme will be suitable for people across different industry sectors and with different functions, including but not limited to corporate strategy, business development, organisation management, talent development, digital transformation, product/service design, marketing, customer services/experience, stakeholder management etc.

During the workshop, you will be assigned into groups and you will be committed to putting into practice the course learning after the workshop. You will receive feedback and coaching at the group check-in after the workshop. We are also going to support you in providing facilitation opportunities for the Design Thinking Community.

Format and Language

All classes will be conducted online in English.

Admission Fee

Original price is HK$2,400, after government's subsidy of 60%, charge for each registrant for the whole course: HK$960.

Upon the completion of the online course and fulfilment of a minimum 80% attendance requirement, a certificate (together with a souvenir from HKDC) will be presented to participants.


Please apply online by Oct 21 2020. A confirmation email will be sent to registrants within a week after the admission deadline.

All seats are sold, thank you for the support.

Nov 4, 2020 to Dec 1, 2020 (GMT+8)

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Course Summary

This interactive online course will equip you with the skills to confidently guide a Design Thinking Session in an online environment. In live Online Classroom sessions combined with virtual small-groups coaching, you will learn how to create an environment where participants feel confident to be creative and drive innovation. We strongly believe in 'Learning by Doing' so it goes without saying that the course will be a high-energy, interactive and hands-on event where you will put your new skills directly into practice.

Coaching Session

It is crucial to practise your new facilitation skills in the 'real world' on short notice. During the online course you will work on preparing a real facilitation opportunity within your organisation, community or working environment. After you have facilitated your first Design Thinking session, you can discuss challenges you encountered with our expert facilitators and exchange experiences with your peers in the Coaching Session.

What do we expect from participants?

This three-part course dives deep into facilitation concepts and practices, with a goal of understanding how adults work and learn, as well as better understanding our own behaviour and preferences as a facilitator.

Through a series of highly interactive activities, participants will imagine and test facilitation techniques and methods. They will have opportunity to practice and get feedback from both faculty and their peers. 

Participants will:

  • explore the mind sets and skills required to engage people and deliver shared value though design thinking
  • experiment with different styles and be challenged to work in small groups
  • reflect on your own practice and impact

It is highly encouraged that you are familiar with Double Diamond model and the common tools used such as stakeholder map, journey maps and prototyping etc. The activities during this programme are a balanced mix of theory and practice.


1. Key facilitation frameworks including;

  • Learning Arches Model: understanding how to deconstruct an objective and create progressive, outcome focused experiences.
  • The PARC model: understanding different learning preferences, and how they can be used engage everyone and produce real value
  • POAP Listening and Leading Framework: how to understand and back-lead a conversation to enable more clarity and focus

2. Experience and Exposure

  • Defining roles and working as a team
  • Dealing with challenging participants or challenging environments
  • Opportunity to explore your personal challenges and receive feedback from peers and instructors


  • Main session - 4 Nov
    9 AM - 12 PMSession 1: Creating Engagement
    Participants will:
    - Build the team and personal learning goals
    - Define the foundations for facilitation
    - Personal preferences and understanding your comfort zone
    - Move beyond an activity, towards facilitating the learning space
    Main session - 5 Nov
    9 AM - 12 PMSession 2: Delivering Impact
    Participants will:
    - Designing an experience & structuring your delivery
    - Preparing Tools and a team
    - Experimentation
    - Coaching and feedback
    Main session - 12 Nov
    9 AM - 12 PMSession 3: Finding your Flow
    Participants will:
    - Reflection
    - Challenge Identification and exploration
    - Experimentation
    o Personal Toolkit development
    o Reflection & Commitments
    Available Check-In & Coaching
    9 AM - 11 AMAvailable Options
    Small Group Coaching Option A
    - Tue 17 Nov 2020 9:00-10:00 (1 hour)

    Small Group Coaching Option B
    - Tue 17 Nov 2020 10:00-11:00 (1 hour)

    Small Group Coaching Option C
    - Thur 1 Dec 2020 9:00-10:00 (1 hour)

    Small Group Coaching Option D
    - Thur 1 Dec 2020 10:00-11:00 (1 hour)


  • Kate Okrasinski (Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios)

    Kate Okrasinski

    Director of Innovation at MAKE Studios

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  • Kristina Skov Aagaard (Service Design and Learning Lead at MAKE Studios)

    Kristina Skov Aagaard

    Service Design and Learning Lead at MAKE Studios

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