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When we think of ADHD, we often think of over-active boys bouncing off the wall and driving their parents and teachers crazy. This stereotype has led to 5 times more boys being diagnosed than girls. But when we compare adults with ADHD, the ratio between men and women is surprisingly balanced.

Clearly, girls are either under-diagnosed or are just better at hiding their struggles than boys. Or maybe, we are just not looking out for the right signs. And as a result, too many girls with ADHD are left suffering and not getting the support that they need.

The aim of this event is to raise awareness of ADHD in girls by showing the different faces of ADHD and how it affects them during the different phases of life. But most importantly, we hope that this event will give hope to teenage girls suffering with ADHD by showing them that they are not alone and that they too can be happy and successful.

Join us for a cosy fire-side chat (held online) between 4 inspiring adult women and 4 aspiring teenage girls as they discuss the challenges that they face as well as tips to thrive with ADHD.

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