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Business valuation is one of the top strategies for understanding the value of your company in assets and net revenue.

On Thursday, February 1, 2024 in Watch Party - Equity: Unlock the Secrets to Long-Term Value we're going to replay the discussion with a Chase Sr. Business Consultant on how valuations are determined. Simply, using your company's balance sheet, you would subtract the liabilities from your company assets. That provides the net asset value. If you were to liquidate your remaining assets, the final amount is the total amount of money that would be returned to you or your shareholders if your debt was paid off and your assets liquidated.

The business consultant is going to show you how to best determine the value of your business. Understanding the true value of your business provides you opportunities to communicate its overall health and well-being, as well as planning your exit strategy. Comprehending your company's worth would positively impact your financial options down the road. In Equity: Unlock the Secrets to Long-Term Value we will address in this educational webinar, such questions as:

1.) Why is it important to know my business/company's valuation?

2.) What are the best strategies to manage my business toward financial health?

3.) Who are the professionals to advise me with planning an acquisition or my exit strategy?

4.) How can I position my business/company to produce the highest return for mergers or IPO/investor capital when I am ready to sell it?

5.) What should I look out for, from a timing perspective, when planning this strategy and the best time to execute it?

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