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This session takes the participants on a rare opportunity in their entire work-life, that of taking stock of things: their life as a whole, their family circumstances and finances, their career and relationships – and intentionally make plans for moving on. The outcome, hopefully, would be transition-ready individuals who are able to navigate through the career transition process effectively and confidently - purposive in the directions they explore, aware of their informational needs in making career choices rationally, and knowledgeable of the tools and resources they can access to move forward.

Specifically, at the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Graphically represent the various aspects of their life and the importance they give to each one;
  • Obtain a clear picture of what they can do, what they are willing to do, and which environments best fit them;
  • Discuss each of their career options;
  • List and explain their initial criteria for making their career choices;
  • Make a career transition roadmap;
  • Articulate their willingness, readiness, and hopefulness to make informed decisions about their transition

Session Speakers

  • Jo Ann Rosary Asetre (Managing Director of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH))

    Jo Ann Rosary Asetre

    Managing Director of Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

    Jo Ann has almost 20 years’ experience in Change Management and Business Transformation with a proven track record of successfully implementing workforce transformation interventions in different multinational organizations across multiple sites in the country and Asia region. She has led numerous restructuring projects that have helped companies protect their brand during difficult times.

    She is the Managing Director for the Philippine office of Lee Hecht Harrison, a global business transformation consulting company. She leads the Philippine team in supporting organizations, leaders, and individuals navigate professional and personal change. She holds ultimate responsibility for the day to day running of the Philippine operations and its strategic direction.

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Package for the 3-sessions. Available for every ANZCHAM Member company in good standing

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Non-Members, Guests

Available to non-members and guests

Standard Price ₱2,000

Individual session. Available for every ANZCHAM Member company in good standing.

Standard Price ₱1,500