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Stadium Manager Membership - 2-3 Representatives
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Jun 30th
This membership includes 3 member slot(s)

Take advantage of this... your opportunity for vital resources, new business relationships & so much more. Any person actively engaged in the management or administration of a stadium or a related facility qualifies for a Stadium Manager membership.

  • The only Annual Seminar connecting industry experts around the world
  • Direct access to industry leaders, service providers and suppliers with a vast range of backgrounds
  • Stay connected on the SMA Member Discussion Forum
  • Valuable resources such as previous Seminar & webinar discussions, roundtable notes and a full resource sharing library with 100+ with educational fact sheets, guides, and industry best practices
  • Easily access SMA newsletters, announcements & contact details on our app SMAEngage

New Manager Incentives

Never been a member of SMA before? You'll receive your February 2023 Seminar registration entirely free of cost - a savings of $600.

Get your entire team involved! 

SMA has opportunities for all leaders within stadium management, including Security, Guest Services, Facility, Safety, etc. Stadium manager membership dues are structured on a tiered level, based on the number of representatives involved.

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No person or entity shall be admitted to membership until the SMA Board of Directors has approved their membership application and their membership dues have been paid in full. New members may join the Association at any time during the calendar year by paying the full amount of dues applicable for their class of membership. Please note that no matter when dues are paid, the membership will expire June 30. Dues for all membership classes, except honorary, are payable annually. SMA operates on a fiscal year from July 1 - June 30. Dues are non-refundable and non-transferable.