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Affiliate Non-Nursing Professional
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Welcome to DNPs of Color. We are so excited you will be joining us! Here's the snapshot of the details of your membership below:

Affiliate (Non-Nursing Professionals) (Non-Voting):

  • For professionals who support the organization's mission but are not directly involved in the nursing profession.
  • Dues:
  • $250, contributing to the organization's initiatives and activities.
  • Perks for Affiliates:
  • Networking Access: Connect with a diverse community of professionals, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.
  • Committee Access: Participate in influential committees, contributing to the organization's initiatives.
  • Digest/Relevant News: Receive curated news and updates, ensuring members are well-informed.
  • Advertising Discounts: Promote products/services at a discounted rate, expanding professional reach.
  • Definition:
  • This membership class is tailored for individuals who are not directly involved in the nursing profession but are dedicated to supporting the mission and goals of the DNP of Color Nursing Organization. They have the opportunity to engage with the community and participate in networking events, although they do not have voting rights within the organization's decision-making processes.
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Membership Refund Policy

Upon submission of an application for membership to DNPs of Color, applicants hereby acknowledge and accept the following non-refundable policy regarding membership association dues. All dues paid in connection with membership applications, including but not limited to fees for application processing, background checks, and membership evaluation, are strictly non-refundable. Dues subject to change according to Board Approval.