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School Membership (1201 - 1500 students)
This is a 12-month membership - Membership expires Jun 30th
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)

Our most comprehensive membership for fully accredited/authorized international schools, colleges, universities, and educational organizations interested in developing programs in international education and cultivating excellence in leadership. This membership affords all members of your leadership and counseling teams access to AAIE resources and private list-servs/discussion platforms. In addition, all members of your entire staff enjoy discount benefits and access to AAIE scholarships, awards, and publications. AAIE School Members are entitled to be nominated for various leadership awards and stand for office. 

If your school is not yet fully accredited, as may be the case with newer or start-up schools, we welcome you to register for school membership, understanding that you are working toward full accreditation within the next five years. 


What is included in your School Membership

AAIE School Membership brings together school leaders from around the globe to share knowledge and support through the global AAIE community.

Leadership Knowledge and Support:

Unlimited access to diverse leadership insights, training, mentoring, professional learning communities, curated materials, blogs and much more for all organizational leaders or members seeking positions of leadership within the international context. This includes access to enjoy or contribute:

  • Connect with colleagues weekly with AAIE Global All School Leader Conversations and subject matter expert conversations
  • Eligible to register and participate in AAIE's 2025 Annual Global Leadership CONVERSATION  being held in Washington DC in February of 2025 using the member rate
  • Stay in the know with AAIE Leadership Briefing and F3 communications
  • Access to AAIE Leadership Professional Learning
  • Publish white papers/articles in our digital academic journal, InterED 

Networking and Community

Unlimited access to the following:

  • AAIE's Global Community Portal - access to AAIE's password protected Global Community Portal. A safe place for school leaders and leadership teams to connect and discover a wealth of resources on topics including Technology, Governance, the New School Project, and more being added and shared with you allowing us to learn from each other in a unique way.
  • AAIE Global NETworks: secure, role-based global listservs and discussion platforms for resource sharing, questions and sharing of role-specific information. Available for the key leadership groups within your school:
  • HeadNET (for Heads of School/Directors/Superintendents/Deputy Assistant Heads in these roles
  • PrincipalNET (for Principals at all divisions of the school/and Deputy/Assistants in this role)
  • CounselorNET (for counselors, school psychologists and others who provide social-emotional /college counseling/academic support to students as their primary role)
  • The Leadership Legacy Mentoring Program (both as mentees and mentors)
  • Eligible for all AAIE Award nominations and to stand for office
  • Students eligible for all AAIE Scholarships


What are the requirements for School Membership?

To qualify for School Membership, your educational organization must:

  • Be accredited or authorized by an agency recognized by AAIE
  • Cognia
  • CIS
  • Middle States
  • SACS
  • WASC
  • Practice English as the principal language of instruction or communication (no less than 50%)
  • Be committed to developing international education & leadership capacity
  • Be committed to diversity within the student body, educational practices and leadership of the organization


The membership fee structure continues to reflect fairness to schools of differing student enrollments but also helps to innovate new leadership programming, and to offer even more inclusive leadership year-long 'conversations'… from seminars to online sessions, all at no additional cost. And if that isn't compelling enough, members receive a discounted rate for participating in the Annual AAIE Global Leadership Conversation. 

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