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Student Member
This is a 12-month membership
This membership is for individuals only

Part A: Benefits of Being A Member.


  1.  Knowledge sharing and Networking through events (general meetings( in-person or E-model), activities, educational seminars and special events) organized for members.
  2. Access to the latest product available in the design market through a shared Network portal.
  3. ADKE broadcast many relevant opportunities to its members including opportunities for recruitment, consultancies, professional development and so on.
  4. The Association conducts, supports and co-hosts Professional training sessions as part of Continuous Professional Development Programme for their members.
  5. Inclusion of all Member categories in the Online Membership Directory.
  6.  Issuance of Membership Certificate identifying you as a member who accepts the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice in Design in Kenya.
  7.  Unlimited access to Members Profile only Login area
  8.  Participation in the Membership surveys and access to results.


Part B: General Eligibility Rules.


i. Admittance into Student Member Chapter is in accordance with the eligibility criteria outlined in the Procedures, Rules and Regulations of the Association.

ii. As a minimum, one must fulfil the following conditions;

  • A Continuing student in a College or a University accredited by the relevant accrediting authority and recognized as such by the Association's Education and Qualifications Committee; or
  • In the last one year, has graduated from a College or a University recognised in Kenya.  
  • Admission is by application accompanied by proof of studentship at a Diploma or Degree level.
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Membership Refund Policy

Any request by a registered event or program participant must be received via email at request for cancellation with refund or transfer of booking to another date will be accepted up to the deadline time of 12:00 PM noon, ten business days in advance of the event.

ADKE reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event if breakeven numbers are not achieved for registration, at their own discretion up to 7 days prior to the event and the ADKE will not be held liable for any related expenses incurred by registrants for things such as flights, accommodation, meals and transportation.

All approved refunds may subject to an administration fee to offset ADKE administration costs. If ADKE or its event partner cancel an event, all registrants will receive a full refund of fees paid (no administration charge) no later than two business days following the scheduled date of the event.