Dear Member,

Welcome to the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (GPCCI)!

Thank you for your interest in joining or if you are already a member of GPCCI, thank you for joining us. For more than 10 years, GPCCI has evolved and has extended its services to our members.

As a member of the GPCCI Community you will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

1. Visa Support

GPCCI with its close relationship with the German Embassy can help seek clarifications and visa questions and assist the member in case of emergencies.

2. Translation & Interpretation

If a member requires assistance in translation/interpretation of documents written in German or vice versa, GPCCI can assist you with this.

3. Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Through our social media accounts, we can link your page or if you have any advertisement needs you may contact us and we will be able to assist you on this as well. You can also post advertisements through our newsletters. Advertising charges may apply.

4. Event Management

If you have an event that needs organizing, we have a very experienced event team that can assist you in organizing, conceptualizing, and designing your events. Charges may apply.

5. General Inquiries & Contact

If you want to connect with other GPCCI members, you may reach out to us and we can assist you in connecting with them.

6. Government and Chamber Relations

GPCCI fostered good relationships with various government agencies and bilateral Chambers. Should you require information and assistance, we will be more than happy to support you on this. This also includes Travel Ban Exemption requests

7. HR Support

Should you need assistance in finding the right candidate for your organization, we can help you in the job posting through our social media and newsletter.

8. Trade Fair Participant

Since the pandemic, all F2F events and tradeshows pivoted virtually. GPCCI participates and even organizes tradeshows that the members will benefit from. GPCCI will ensure that members will be notified through various communication channels if there are tradeshows that are worthwhile to participate in.

9. CSR

GPCCI engages in community activities such as upliftment and continuous educational support of underprivileged Filipinos and special aid during natural disasters. We use our connections to ensure that donations coursed through GPCCI reach the direct beneficiaries.

Thank you and we look forward to our future partnership and collaboration.


Aileen Leviste-Arao

Head of Chamber Services

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