We're eager to welcome you to membership in the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association.

Active membership in the Hyde Park Neighborhood Association allows you to vote on issues taken up by the HPNA. These include our input on issues in the community, our budgets and leadership, and the organization's bylaws that govern HPNA.


Individual memberships in the HPNA are $5.00, per person, for one calendar year. Members are required to live in Hyde Park, Austin (as defined by the organization's bylaws​). Only active members current on their dues may vote on HPNA resolutions.

During your application, you'll be asked to create a "GlueUp" account and password. HPNA uses GlueUp to maintain our membership database. Members are required to create an account with your email address and other info. Doing so will allow us to contact you about your membership and remind you when yearly memberships expire, etc.

HPNA does not share or sell any member contact information. Your info is only used for HPNA communications and membership notifications.


Questions? Contact Chris Wooster at