About Us

Batseta is a non-profit organisation, which is focused on the interests of principal officers, trustees and fund fiduciaries within the retirement industry and is managed by its own appointed Board of Directors. 

We are a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Registered Professional Body for retirement fund principal officers and trustees. We are also an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP) or examining body for the principal officers and trustees occupational qualifications.


The name “Batseta” was coined by Jabu Mngxekeza, a long-standing employee of Batseta. Our logo and design and very essence comprises of three distinct, yet equally important parts. Firstly, the name. “Batseta” is a Sepedi word meaning advisory council. This is a core focus of ours, being ready to advise the members of this organisation in much the same way that trustees are there to support the members of their fund.


The Batseta corporate colour Blue is often associated with prosperity. As an organisation we would like our members to be successful and to prosper. Lastly, there is the overall circular structure of the logo. Circles are representative of unity, wholeness and infinity. They are often seen as protective symbols and they suggest inclusivity and togetherness. The larger circle is not closed. This is because it represents interaction and open channels of communication. The smaller circles of the Batseta logo represent the board of trustees. The range of shades of the circles represents the diversity of those trustees. Diversity is important because the trustees represent members who are also very diverse. The smaller circles forming the larger circle also represent the fact that the council works together as one team.