About Us

Black Child Development Institute--Iowa (BCDI) is a village of the National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI), an organiization founded 54-years ago. The NBCDI is the only national organization focused solely on the unique attributes and needs of Black children, birth through age 8. We exist to fight for the creation of an equitable and just future for Black children and families. We mobilize communities and ignite movements on the strength of Black excellence.
NBCDI is engaged in building the world Black children deserve to be born into. The work of building a future in which Black people exist is ours to design, and we take seriously the charge to lay the bricks and smooth the mortar to implement ideas that will change the world for Black children and families.We work to foster a sense of community and belonging, where Black children feel supported and valued. In collaboration with our national Village Network, we amplify the strengths and talents of Black children and mobilize advocates in local communities who address their needs. We also serve as a convener, bringing together advocates, practitioners, policymakers and stakeholders who share our mission.
NBCDI has identified eight essential outcomes (see NBCDI.org) and BCDI--Iowa works to those ends. To build the just world our children deserve, we need the support of the community.
Dr. Anita Fleming-Rife, born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, who everyone knows is a very proud Scarlet (East High School alum), founded BCDI-Iowa in the spring of 2022.