About Us


Dental Protection has supported and protected members in South Africa for over 65 years. With more than 130 years of expertise worldwide, we're here for you, today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Our protection provides you with intelligent risk management, the very best legal defence and an influential voice for your profession, giving you the freedom to practise with confidence.

We are here for you through any professional challenges you may face, from patient complaints to regulatory issues and disciplinary proceedings.

Our expert teams understand the challenges of clinical practice, with dentist-to-dentist support and advice. You can contact us in an emergency anytime, 24/7.

We understand the ever-changing challenges you face as a medical professional and have various services to suit you. Whatever stage you’re at in your career, we can provide the right support for you.

Clinical negligence
You can request indemnity for clinical negligence claims (not applicable to public or employer indemnity) and Good Samaritan acts worldwide

Advice and legal representation
You can request advice and legal representation for disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and criminal investigations related to your professional practice

Complaints support
Talk to us about how to respond to and resolve patient complaints

Dentolegal advice
Contact us for dentolegal advice, including out-of-hours emergency support 24/7

Expert legal team
Access to the dedicated expert legal team which may include clinical negligence solicitors, dentolegal consultants, and professional claims managers

To join or find out more information on Dental Protection indemnity please visit dentalprotection.org/south-africa or email dpmembership@sada.co.za