The association boasts of a membership of over 200 event & events related businesses. EOAK was officially registered by the registrar of societies in Kenya in September 2018. The EOAK offers a body to represent event related businesses in the country both to the private and public sectors.

The EOAK's aim is to ensure quality and reliable service provision by its membership through the code of conduct established within the association. The events industry is quite unregulated when it comes to service delivery, EOAK is seeking to end this by providing a membership that is held accountable in the running of their event related businesses both among other event suppliers(the events industry) and clients (the general public).

The EOAK is now holding its membership accountable in service delivery through ensuring the code of conduct is followed and complaints from both within and outside the association are addressed. It is also seeking to grow its membership through relevant accredited training's and business opportunities among members (B2B).

The EOAK begun by partnering with the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry by signing up for membership, to enable the members leverage on the Chamber's initiatives that range from accessing working capital to business growth opportunities which are among the main issues that affect many events related businesses.

Some of the benefits of joining the association are:

  • Creation of strong alliances with vetted member companies through the provided networking opportunities.
  • Subsidized rates during Expos, Trade Fairs, Master Classes and Excursion
  • Welfare for the members ( WIBA, Insurance, Medical covers, funeral support etc)
  • Training opportunities for the members
  • Ability to Influence Policies that affect the industry and setting the standard in the marketplace

EOAK's Vision:

Enhanced Events ecosystem

EOAK's Mission:

To promote ethical business and to empower our members

Our Core Values: -

  1. To promote Ethical business and Professionalism among the members
  2. To promote Excellence
  3. To promote Innovation
  4. To promote Reliability among the members
  5. To enhance Collaboration among the members


  • Corporate Membership
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price

    These are companies that are active practitioners in the Event industry & directly involved in events business such as event venues, event management firms, destination management companies, event suppliers, and transportation & logistics companies etc & are interested in the development of the Events Industry in Kenya and the Region 

    • Voting rights
    • Holding leadership positions
    • sit on Board/committees
    • Full website access
    • Member Profile & Directory Listing
    • Member File Library
    • Blog / Newsletter access
    • Access to exclusive member content
    • Access to discounts
    • Technical Support
    • Marketing & Promotion