• Executive Membership
    1 month
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    Who is a Factur Executive Member?


    They are the best of the best, the crème de la crème of professionals committed to growing their businesses or territories. 

    They gain access to regional groups to connect with other non-competing suppliers using the Factur referral process to get into manufacturing companies they're not doing business with now.

    How Executive Members Interact: 

    • Referral Roundtables - meet monthly to share leads, network and close deals
    • One-on-One meetings - designed to build relationships, share targets and train on opportunity indicators with other Executive members
    • Regional Meetups - casual gatherings in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and Illinois where you can connect with Executive members in other markets
    • National All Factur - a monthly virtual meeting to strengthen your network from coast to coast 

    Executive Member Tools: 

    • A personal concierge to help you schedule one-on-one, prep for meetings and more...
    • New member trainings
    • Contact data research on 5 accounts a month
    • LinkedIn training videos
    • Sales and Marketing "Tactics, Tips, and Tricks" each month
    • Pre-market deal alert report for your region 
    • Access to the Factur Community Platform
    •  24/7 access to member to member messaging
    • Exclusive Job boards