HDN supports organisations to improve how they address inequality, get the most from their people, and meet the needs of their communities. Membership gives you free and discounted quality services such as places on our mentoring programme and expert equality and diversity (E&D) guidance. Crucially, your membership also supports HDN to continue to provide thought leadership and a collective voice on equality and diversity in the sector.

Membership fees vary depending on the size of organisation, in particularly the number of staff you have and what aspects of our service you choose. We have two main types of membership – 'Standard' and 'Plus' which includes a number of guaranteed places on the staff mentoring programme.

  • HDN Standard Membership - Band 1 (0-10 staff)
    1 year
    Package price

    Housing Diversity Network is a not for profit, social enterprise that supports organisations become more inclusive in the way that they are run, and the services that they provide. Our membership scheme is designed to provide staff across your organisation with a comprehensive programme of mentoring support and instant access to information and support on equality and diversity issues.

    What do members get?

    • Discounted places on our HDN Staff Mentoring Programme - our CPD accredited mentoring programme provides career development guidance and support to staff through a series of four 'mentoring workshops' and five one to one mentoring sessions. The programme is an effective and value for money approach to supporting and investing in your staff. Our Mentoring Programme runs from October to June each year. We are very proud to announce that we have gained CPD (Continued Professional Development) certification for our programmes and your staff can take advantage in participating as mentors and mentees to gain huge benefits and, CPD hours as well. 
    • Access to our online self-assessment tool which will support you in identifying and prioritising your diversity and inclusion activity.
    • Online webinars - all past webinars are also available to HDN members to view at any time.
    • A range of resources including audio and written guides and toolkits.
    • Discounted places on our Board Excellence Programme. This national programme is designed to strengthen governance and enhance diversity in the sector. This has gone from strength to strength in recent years.
    • Achieving and Harnessing Board Diversity - join our Board Trainee Programme to commit to investing in future diverse governance in a real practical way.
    • Our unique enquiry line service which provides advice to members not only from HDN but also our network of partners and associates as well as practitioner groups. The enquiry line can be accessed by phone or email and is available to all staff of subscribing organisations, giving them straightforward practical advice on equality and diversity issues.
    • Free HDN Diversity Calendar sent out each year to be used across your organisation.
    • Bi-weekly newsletters emailed direct to your staff to ensure they are kept up to date with news, events and publications.
    • Free or discounted places at all Network seminars, events, training and conferences – we have a wide and varied programme of events throughout the year and across the country.
    • Regional Diversity Groups – join our Diversity Groups in London, Midlands or in the North and help shape EDI locally with your fellow EDI leads.
    • Discount for members on our specialist training and consultancy – we have a pool of specialists and experts who can provide support to your organisation in many aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion.
    • Special Member rates for our Diversity Network Accreditation (DNA); an accreditation framework that focusses on outcomes and takes a more holistic view of how an organisation works around equality and diversity.
    • Advertise your job vacancies free of charge on our careers website to increase the reach of your recruitment.
  • Standard Membership - Band 2 (10-50 staff)
    12 months
    Package price