About IVI Membership and Members

IVI members are organizations from across the healthcare space who are committed to identifying inclusive, innovative and transparent HTA methods aimed at informing decision-making to achieve better health outcomes. IVI's members represent both non-profit and for-profit stakeholders and represent patients, caregivers, life science industry, trade associations, payers, research institutions, health systems, employers and more.

Member Benefits

  • Ability to nominate and vote for the Board of Directors
  • Opportunity to collaborate on research projects, panels, steering committees, and working groups
  • Complimentary invitation to the Annual Meeting
  • Access to members-only webinars and resources
  • Priority access to research updates and white papers
  • Subscription to member-exclusive newsletter highlighting program updates, new publications, reports, upcoming events, and networking opportunities
  • Collaboration with IVI and other members on research projects, communications, and strategic partnership
  • Recognition of contributions on IVI website
  • Unlimited individual participants

IVI membership offers an effective way to directly influence and support IVI's work. Membership dues are an important foundation to IVI's sustainability as a non-profit, independent organization. Membership dues are ascertained using a schedule based on the type of organization and annual revenue.