Join JBN today! Founded in 2010, JBN hosts business networking meetings in-person and virtually. Our meetings are open to the Jewish business community. For regular participants, Membership provides a great value, enabling wide access to meetings for a flat fee.

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    JBN meetings are open to Jewish professionals and business owners. Our meetings normally take place in professional office spaces of our facilitators or other settings where we can keep the costs low to attend. The 90-minute meetings are geared toward making meaningful business contacts and typically cost between $10-$15 to attend. Once you've checked out JBN, please consider becoming a JBN Premium Member for an annual fee of $120. As a Premium Member, you are entitled attend an unlimited number of JBN meetings during the course of the year. For most meetings the Premium Member cost is $0, however for special events there will be a non-member price and a discounted Premium Member price. Sign Up Now!