Welcome to NAHICA, the National Association of Hispanic Contractors. Becoming a member of NAHICA opens the door to a world of opportunities in the construction industry. As a member, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits, including exclusive discounts, access to dynamic networking events, dedicated support, personalized services, and much more. Whether you are an experienced contractor or just starting out, NAHICA is your trusted partner for success in the field of construction. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your construction business.

  • Regional Sponsorship (3 States)
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price

    Regional Sponsorship


    • Connect with Members via workshops/ seminars in different regions
    • • Offer specials to our members
    • Listed in our app 
    • Participate and get recognized in our Presentations, Seminars, and mixers
    • 10 Individual memberships for employees
    • 6 bi-monthly Virtual Meetings/workshops on our Social media (need to be approved by the board)
    • Banner ad in State Chapters in website
    • Logo inclusion in states Monthly Newsletter 
    • One invitation to Nahica Podcast a year
  • NationWide Sponsorship
    12 months
    # of card holders
    Package price

    Unlock Nationwide Exposure with NAHICA Sponsorship!

    The National Hispanic Contractors Association (NAHICA) offers an exclusive opportunity for potential sponsors to gain nationwide recognition, connect with our extensive network of members, and access a wide range of benefits that will elevate your brand. By becoming a Nationwide Sponsor, you will enjoy a host of advantages tailored to enhance your visibility and impact within the construction industry.

    Highlighted Benefits:

    1. Press Release Announcement Nationwide: Gain widespread attention through a nationwide press release that highlights your commitment to the construction sector and the Hispanic community.
    2. Category Exclusivity: Enjoy exclusive access to your specific service or product category within NAHICA members, ensuring that your brand stands out in our network.
    3. Connect with Members Nationwide: Participate in our workshops and seminars conducted nationwide, allowing you to interact with NAHICA's diverse and influential membership base.
    4. Special Offers for Members: Offer exclusive promotions and deals to NAHICA members, demonstrating your support for their businesses while boosting your own brand recognition.
    5. Listed and Recognized in Nahica APP: Be prominently featured in the official NAHICA mobile application, providing easy access to information about your company for our members.
    6. National Sponsor Recognition: Gain well-deserved recognition as a National Sponsor, signaling your commitment to the growth and success of Hispanic contractors across the nation.
    7. Marketing Material Distribution: Distribute your marketing materials during our seminars, workshops, and virtual events, ensuring your brand reaches a targeted and engaged audience.
    8. Special Discounts at National Trade Show Expo Contratista: Showcase your products or services at our National Trade Show Expo Contratista with special sponsorship discounts.
    9. Access to NAHICA Members Database: Access valuable data within the NAHICA member database, facilitating your outreach and marketing efforts.
    10. Web Banner Ad on Elevate your online presence with a prominent web banner ad on our official website, reaching a diverse audience of industry professionals.
    11. Logo Inclusion in National Newsletter: Your logo will be featured in our national newsletter, further amplifying your brand's reach and visibility.
    • Align your brand with NAHICA and gain an unparalleled nationwide presence within the construction industry. Together, we can drive growth, diversity, and innovation while supporting Hispanic contractors' vital role in the United States. Partner with us today to make a significant impact!