• Corporate Membership
    12 months
    Package price

    Are you representing a company and would like to gain full exposure for your company's brand? Join us as a corporate member to extend your network together with your colleagues.

    The corporate membership of the NTCC offers maximum company brand exposure in all of the possible PR channels. You and as many colleagues in your company can gain access to the benefits the community has to offer, from receiving useful business updates / news, access to contact details of the fellow NTCC members [2000+ professionals], to attending events free-of-charge.

    Who is it for?

    Companies who are looking to promote their brand and those who would like more than 1 person to be represented within the NTCC community, gain access to the membership benefits and the community offerings.

    What are the benefits?

    #1 Representation

    • Unlimited number of representatives You can have as many of your friends from the company join our events and added to the online membership directory where they can stay connected and receive contact details of all other thousands of professionals in the network.
    • Branding in PR channels In the PR channels, your company will be introduced with the logo/branding, company description, and the contact details of the main representative. The main rep usually is the key contact person who will engage with other members in the community.
    • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting Every year, the NTCC organizes an annual meeting of members to update on the chambers' happenings. The main representative from your company will be able to vote on important matters that will affect your business in relation to what the NTCC does; from advocacy issues, networking frameworks, trending issues affecting the international business community, and more.
    • Attend events for free or at special membership rates You can join the 50+ events organized by the NTCC and various partners free-of-charge or at special membership rates.

    #2 General Perks

    We offer the following services free-of-charge to members and partners of the network:

    • Business-connect, personalized referrals
    • Advocacy platforms, voice out your issues
    • and let us pass them on to the policy-level
    • Startup support, for those starting up a
    • business in Thailand/ASEAN and the
    • Netherlands
    • Marketing & Exposure, free and special rates
    • to get the word out via our PR channels
    • HR facility, promote your company's vacancies
    • or look for job opportunities
    • Read more about general perks here 

    #3 Marketing & Exposure

    • Facebook mentions
    • Free introduction of your company with logo
    • & branding, description, contact details on:
    • Printed 'Commerce' magazine[1000+ business addresses]
    • Online 'NTCC NEXT' Newsletter[3000+ reach]
    • Our social media platforms,
    • Facebook; LinkedIn [3000+ followers]
    • Free space every quarter to promote your
    • News on the printed 'Commerce magazine'[1000+ business addresses]
    • Free space twice a month to promote your news on the online 'NTCC NEXT' newsletter[3000+ reach]
    • Read more about additional exposure here

    #4 Other Benefits

    • Access to NTCC's online directory
    • Peruse the NTCC home app at your fingertips: Stay updated and sign up for events, Retrieve contact details of fellow NTCC members you'd like to stay connected with, Update your contact details
    • Delivery of NTCC membership directory in hard-copy
    • Delivery of 'Commerce' quarterly magazine
    • Receive tailored news and information (investment updates, news about the network, & more) via our PR channels and direct communication from the team
    • Gain access to members-only discounts for products of other fellow members in the community