The SACC's success lies in the success of its members, and we make sure that your membership brings you the best value for your money. With SACC's membership, you get free access to Networking Mixers organized throughout the year, bringing together leading experts in various arenas for an exchange of ideas and business. Not only are our Networking Mixers an enormous opportunity to expand your business, it also allows you to enhance the efficacy of your marketing campaigns by joining the league of sponsors.

  • Basic Membership
    12 months
    Package price


    Membership in the SACC provides a great starting point for businesses looking to connect with

    other South Asian businesses and entrepreneurs.

    Benefits of the membership include:

    • Access to Member Only Events: Basic members can attend SACC events and network

    with other members to build relationships and promote their businesses.

    • Company Profile in the SACC Directory: Paid members receive a company profile in the

    SACC directory, which can help potential customers and partners find your business.

    • Online Marketing for Your Business: Paid members can take advantage of SACC's online

    marketing channels to promote their business and increase visibility.

    • Discount to SACC Events: Members receive a discount to SACC events, making it easier

    to attend and network with other members.

    • Enhanced Visibility: Your company's logo will be prominently displayed on the SACC

    website, giving your business more visibility and credibility.

    • Business Referrals: SACC actively promotes its members to the business community,

    government agencies, and other organizations, which can help generate new business

    opportunities and referrals.

    • Access to Educational Resources: As a paid member, you will have access to exclusive

    educational resources, such as webinars, workshops, and training sessions, which can

    help you stay up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices.

    • Advertising Opportunities: Paid members can take advantage of discounted advertising

    rates in SACC publications and at SACC events, providing an affordable way to increase

    your marketing reach.

  • Lifetime membership
    Package price



    The lifetime membership option for the SACC is a unique opportunity for individuals to make a

    one-time payment and become a lifetime member of the organization. This membership option

    solidifies the individual's commitment to the Chamber and its mission to promote and support

    South Asian businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas.

    By becoming a lifetime member, individuals will have access to exclusive benefits and

    opportunities, such as networking events, educational seminars, and business development

    resources. Additionally, lifetime members will be recognized as leaders within the South Asian

    business community and will have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the Chamber

    through their participation in organizational activities and events.

    Overall, the lifetime membership option for the SACC is an excellent way for individuals to

    demonstrate their commitment to the Chamber and the South Asian business community while

    gaining access to valuable resources and opportunities.

  • SACC's Student Membership
    12 months
    Package price

    Ready to amplify your business aspirations? Look no further than the South Asian Chamber of Commerce (SACC) Student Membership.

    Why SACC Student Membership?

    • Connect: Network with industry leaders, peers, and entrepreneurs shaping South Asian business in Houston.
    • Exclusive Access: Enjoy workshops, seminars, and mentorship sessions led by experts, keeping you ahead of the curve.
    • Opportunities: Gain internships, jobs, and insights that set you up for success in the real world.
    • Skills Development: Enhance your professional toolkit with tailored resources and skill-building workshops.
    • Community: Join a diverse community fostering collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange.

    Shape your path to success with SACC's Student Membership. Unleash your potential today!

    Invest in your tomorrow. Join SACC now!