About Us

The South African Chamber of Commerce USA - SA Chamber USA (SACCUSA) is a Business Chamber for the South African Comunity in the USA for the collective benefit of all South African businesspeople living in the USA with any link to South Africa, current, future or past. We work for the promotion of trade, investment and tourism between South Africa and the USA to promote economic development, inclusion & growth.

SA Chamber USA Mission:

“the encouragement, facilitation and expansion of business, trade, tourism and investment opportunities between South Africa and the USA with the aim to promote economic inclusion, economic transformation, economic development and economic growth. “


“to represent South Africans in the USA as a national South African Chamber of Commerce with a national footprint of chapters representing South African business and advancing South African business interests between members in every major City and State in the United States of America.”

SA CHAMBER USA Objectives:

· actively link, connect and network members;
· unlock new business opportunities between South Africa and the USA;
· always project South Africa in a positive way that will promote investment;
· advance transformation, inclusion and representativity of all South Africans;
· reflect South Africa’s unity, diversity and cultural richness;
· work with the Embassy to lobby for more bi-lateral trade and investment between the USA and South Africa