About Us

SIXTOP expands local social circles, making it easy and fun for community members to connect. In person.

We organize small gatherings of neighbors at quality restaurants. Think dinner party vibes, with people you live near, but don’t yet know. Face-to-face.

Develop relationships. Build community. Enjoy great food. Have new experiences. Locally.

With no hassles. No profiles. No swiping. No questionnaires. No messaging. No planning. No organizing. No cleaning. No preparation.

Just introductions and small gatherings, in real life, with people from your community.

SIXTOP members can reserve 1-2 complimentary spots at an unlimited number of events each quarter. So, it’s finally easy and fun to get to know the people you live near — the teachers, new transplants, dancers, dog-walkers, lawyers, retirees, electricians, musicians, travelers, accountants, green-thumbs, surfers, life-transitioners, nutritionists, photographers, hikers, car enthusiasts…