On behalf of the Association of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP), we extend a warm welcome to you!

We appreciate your interest in ABP and hope you share our enthusiasm about your membership and confident you will make a valuable contribution to the BEE Industry.

You will be issued an ABP membership certificate upon confirmation of full payment of invoice. Your membership entitles you use the ABP logo in your letterheads where applicable and also to be invited to all ABP events, workshops, AGMs, etc.

ABP Membership fees are 15% VAT exclusive

ABP Webinar / Training Workshop fees are 15% VAT inclusive

Please note that continued membership with ABP will remain solely at the discretion of the Board.

EAP Targets, Industry Norms and elective AGM voting rights are only available for current ABP Members in good standing.

ABP has a Technical Committee who is only able to assist current Members

ABP does NOT accredit any BEE Verification Agencies (kindly contact SANAS directly)

Due to the compliance requirements of the "Protection of Personal Information Act", as set by government, we are required by law to have on file the latest signed membership application forms. The POPI Act has come into effect on the 1st of July 2020, but a 12-month grace period has been given to become POPI-compliant by the 1st of July 2021.

Though we do welcome all enquiries ABP receives, kindly note that we are only able to assist current ABP Members.

If our current ABP (or former ABVA) logo appears on a certificate and the company DOES NOT reflect on the list below, they are NOT current members of ABP. Former ABVA / ABP members to refrain from using the ABVA / ABP logo or implying continued association. In addition, we ask that current ABP Members, who may be aware of same, please come forward and inform us. This is to assist us in ensuring the integrity of the Association and its current Members. If a name does not appear on the Member list, then they are NOT a CURRENT Member in good standing.

"Without prejudice to any of ABP rights and at the sole discretion of the ABP Board, ABP reserves the right to refuse, cancel, terminate, suspend, withdraw, rescind or modify membership of any party or parties to ABP membership"

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Association Of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP) | Benefit of Membership

Association Of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP) | Become a Member, EEP info

Association Of B-BBEE Professionals (ABP) | Great news! ABP are pleased to announce a 0% increase of fees to Members for 2022 / 2023 for any membership applications (new and renewal's) received on or before 31 March 2023.

ABP membership is 12-month, full calendar year, 01 January - 31 December

By joining ABP, you hereby give full permission that ABP is allowed to record any / all virtual online ABP-related events.