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“Take Flight” is a project to build awareness around STEM occupations for girls (and boys) in middle school science and CTE classrooms. , a non-profit education research and practice organization and the originators of the Universal Design for Learning framework, is recruiting middle school educators to pilot the project. It offers a free drone curriculum, free drones that you can keep, a stipend for you, and straightforward & accessible free professional development on embedding the modules into your classroom. We are looking to recruit educators for the 2024-2025 school year in time for a May 2024 orientation.
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Resources from Federal Student Aid (FSA)

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  • Curious about how your state or district is doing on FAFSA completion? The Department is now providing weekly updates to allow high schools to track progress, target supports, and encourage their students to submit a FAFSA form. .
  • gives FAFSA applicants and contributors tips to help them successfully complete and submit the 2024–25 FAFSA form.
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Civic Learning Week is an annual nonpartisan event that brings together students, educators, policymakers, and leaders in the public and private sectors to highlight and further energize the movement for civic education in states and communities across the nation.

Civic education is essential to ensuring each and every person across this country is equipped with the necessary tools to engage as members of our self-governing society. While civic engagement is so much more than voting, the focus on this year’s presidential primaries and election provide an unparalleled opportunity to shine a light on the importance of civic education and how it can be a unifying force in 2024 and beyond.
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