NREA Weekly Updates: July 1st, 2022

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North Dakota’s Small Schools Fight for Survival
North Dakota’s Small Schools Fight for Survival
Eighth-grader Avery LaDue is reporting to her class on a book she just finished. “Here’s a bit of a warning,” she says. “This gets a little confusing. And it can drag. So just stay with me on this one.” Not all of them can. The audience seems mostly bewildered by her presentation. Whether they understand the material or not, two of Avery’s classmates, Rosie and Ledger, smile and clap appreciatively at the conclusion of the report.

Avery is the school’s oldest student and the only eighth-grader. Rosie and Ledger are in kindergarten. All three attend the Horse Creek School in western North Dakota. With a dozen pupils, Horse Creek is the only school in its district. It is one of just five one-room schools still active in the state.

The rural population in North Dakota has been declining for decades, and since 1985, consolidation has reduced the number of school districts from 312 to 173. Of those, 129 have fewer than 300 students, and 34 have less than 100. North Dakota’s steady loss of rural population makes it increasingly difficult to justify the continued operation of underutilized schools. But closing and consolidating schools has its limits. “You cannot put a 5-year-old on a bus for an hour and a half each day,” says the state superintendent of schools, Kirsten Baesler.
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NREA and National Education Foundation (NEF), the non-profit leader in CTE grants, announce their “Get Rural America Job Ready” vision program to help prepare all rural college and high school students for high-demand jobs!

Grant: 72.5% Matching Grant = $435 per student, and 20% Cash Grant.

Revenue: You can generate revenue by selling the licenses to corporations, government agencies, and other entities for the market fee of $600 per employee.
Application deadline: July 20, 2022. What You Get:
  • Top-rated Skillsoft content and courses (7,500 IT, 750 Business and 1,700 Productivity, 100 Industry Certifications (Comptia, CyberSecurity, Project Management, AI, Data Science, Microsoft Office, Communication and Other Soft Skills, etc.) accessible 24/7 for 2022-23 school year.
  • Online live expert mentors 24/7 for most of the Industry Certification Training Courses
  • State University of New York (SUNY) Certificates and Badges, which enable your students to apply for jobs anywhere.
  • $435/student matching in-kind Grant from NEF for 2022-23
  • Cash Grant from NEF for CTE Program Director, Stipend and Motivational Rewards, etc.
We appreciate your sincere efforts to provide job-ready CTE education for your students!
The National Rural Education Association is excited to announce a new partnership with National Insurance Services (NIS) and Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc. (MNL) to bring rural public school districts another option* for Life and Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance.

Key highlights include:
• 20% off your current Basic Life and LTD rates*
• 3-year rate guarantee
• Employee Assistance Program** and ID Theft Services***


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