NREA Weekly Update: February 24, 2023

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This episode interviewed Tim Nikolai, Senior Rural Health Director for American Heart Association. We discussed how a typical vaping device pod is equivalent to 20 cigarettes. Tim discusses the various health concerns facing rural schools. For example, we discussed the connection between mental and physical health. We discussed the role of obesity and other comorbidities and how tobacco may further contribute to healthcare outcomes. We discussed how the American Heart Association partners with school districts to address health concerns, including learning opportunities for students, teachers, and staff. We also discussed school health emergencies and the current statistics related to rural communities. Further, we discussed the socio-emotional issues in rural education, including the limited resources to help for students and school districts. We explored the role of making science accessible to rural communities in a consumable way. As Tim notes, making the healthy choice the easy choice not only in our own kitchens but also for school district policy as well. 
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The National Forum to Advance Rural Education is one of the country’s leading rural education conferences. The event is designed to create an environment for collaboration and innovation with a diverse community that includes national experts, K–12 and higher education practitioners, leading researchers, policymakers, and philanthropic leaders from around the country.

Hundreds of attendees from across the United States will have the opportunity to discover and experience the latest rural innovations, best practices, research, and more. Join us in person in Chattanooga, TN, or virtually on November 16 and 17, 2023, and on November 15 for our new pre-conference.

General conference registration will open in May 2023.
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