NREA Weekly Update: April 21, 2023

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The Endless Key App offers a nearly infinite stream of discovery, inspiration, empowerment, and learning.

Designed for all learners, and accessible to those with no or limited internet, the Endless Key lets people explore at their own pace, expand on classroom lessons, and push their knowledge to new heights.

Learners can explore dozens of educational resources that are thoughtfully curated to provide extended learning, academic enrichment, and interest-based options like coding, arts & crafts, cooking, and career exploration. The Endless Key app provides a robust, engaging and safely curated digital learning experience. It can be accessed either via our USB drive on Windows, or with our app on Chromebooks and Windows devices. Once downloaded, the app works offline, with no internet required! The app is free to download. To learn more, visit .
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The National Center on Rural Education Research Networks () at Harvard University is seeking district partners to help us test out an evidence-based program designed to improve student attendance rates. LIFT Up Attendance is a light-touch family engagement program that integrates directly with Infinite Campus to provide monthly updates about students’ attendance to families. Join us for the 2023-24 school year! There is no cost to participate, and partner districts will have access to NCRERN’s professional learning network and resources. You can learn more .
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Join a National Conversation on Student Achievement & Teacher Effectiveness (Two Dates Available)

Are you struggling with teacher ineffectiveness and dissatisfaction and decreased student academic achievement?
We believe:
  • All students deserve the best opportunities to achieve their highest levels of academic performance and the best learning experiences.
  • All teachers deserve to enjoy optimal school environments for job performance and satisfaction.
  • All school and district leaders deserve the tools and solutions to deliver these outcomes.
Learn more about the technology-driven education breakthroughs, new leadership perspectives, and superintendent community support available to you right now.

Hosted by:
Dr. Toni Shub, CEO/Founder, QoreInsights
New Era Superintendents
Dr. Corey Brady, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University
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