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Co-Hosted by Drs. Allen Pratt, Jared Bigham, and Christopher F. Silver, The Rural Voice discusses the common themes and experiences facing teachers, parents, and administrators in elementary and secondary rural education. We have two new episodes featuring interviews from the National Forum to Advance Rural Education in November!

 - As members of state and national rural educator associations, Chapman and Bell value the quicker impact and tight-knit community support possible in rural schools. They encouraged embracing the strengths of rural schools, not just the struggles.

Representing a small, 5,000-student district, Reese values the opportunity to empower staff to benefit students. He stressed the importance of partnerships and advocacy to align stakeholders toward progress.

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TeachUNITED is a proud partner of the National Rural Education Association and works with throughout the U.S. 

Our educator training programs are customized with and for each community and are designed to help teachers and administrators adopt proven, high-impact teaching and learning strategies through 1:1 coaching, peer learning groups, and engaging workshops. 

These programs improve student academic achievement as well as teacher skills, morale, and retention. Recent participating schools experienced like:
  • +12% improved teacher retention 
  • +13.8% improved teacher motivation
  • Students had greater improvements than peers in math (93% more growth) and literacy (+22% more growth)
  • Outsized math and literacy improvements for low-income students vs. peers

Email Marcia McCaffrey () for a free custom needs assessment. As a non-profit, we may also have grant funds available to underwrite a portion of the program cost.
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WestEd and the National Center for Learning Disabilities would love to hear from K-12 educators about their experiences, perspectives, and classroom practices for teaching students with learning disabilities. Results from this survey will be used to guide NCLD’s efforts in outreach, policy, and advocacy. Participants will be asked to take a 15-20 minute online survey and will receive a $10 Gift Card.
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