NREA Weekly Update: September 22, 2023

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"Linguistic diversity is fact and fabric of the United States” (Coady, 2022). This is illustrated in many rural communities across the US as there are growing numbers of multilingual learners in rural schools. This increase in multilingual students and families raises questions surrounding the experiences of these learners and how rural educators can better attend to their needs. In what ways do multilingual learners and families enrich rural communities and bring opportunities for more equitable educational programs? What policies are needed to support schools in their efforts to create a more inclusive, supportive environment for multilingual learners? How can preparation programs better prepare future teachers and education leaders to teach and support multilingual learners? Join the JEDI committee webinar series as we unpack these questions and many more with scholars and educational leaders who engage this work daily.
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In this episode of the Rural Voice, we interview Drs. Chea Parton and Erika Bass about their work with the Whippoorwill Committee, which recognizes outstanding rural literature. We discuss how much rural literature uses negative stereotypes to present rural voices. The Whippoorwill Award seeks to highlight voices that juxtapose these voices within a shared narrative of empowerment and place. We also discussed ways teachers can refer students to publish their work and be considered for the Whippoorwill Award. We touch on several themes related to diversity of voice, stigma, and raising voices that complement the Whippoorwill Committee's goals. 
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The Leveraging Evidence to Accelerate Recovery Nationwide (LEARN) Network, funded by the Institute of Education Services (IES), aims to promote learning growth by increasing the use of evidence-based products. Recently, LEARN interviewed NREA Executive Director, Dr. Allen Pratt, to talk about how services and products can be developed with rural schools and districts in mind.
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