NREA Weekly Update: September 29, 2023

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Actors have Oscars, musicians have Grammys, athletes have gold medals and most valuable player awards, and scientists have Nobel Prizes. Yet exemplary educators – who prepare every profession – often go unrecognized. Over three decades ago, philanthropist and education visionary Lowell Milken set out to change that by creating the . As a result, thousands of outstanding teachers, principals, and specialists have been publicly recognized for their dedication to education and have broadened their impact on the American K-12 teaching profession. For up to 75 new Milken Educators, the journey is about to begin. Who will be next?

This week the Milken Family Foundation will embark on a historic, nationwide tour through spring 2024, culminating with the presentation of the 3,000th Milken Educator. Each educator will be surprised with unrestricted $25,000 cash prizes before all-school assemblies of cheering students, proud colleagues, dignitaries, education officials, and media. Along with the financial prize, recipients will join the national Milken Educator Network, a growing group of professionals across diverse roles and disciplines working to shape the future of education.

The Milken Educator Award might be coming to a school near you! Follow the tour and use the #MEA3K and #MilkenAward hashtags on:  (MilkenEducatorAwards)|  (Milken)|  (MilkenAward)|  (MilkenFamilyFdn)|  (MilkenFamilyFdn)|  (MilkenAward)
Visit  or call the Milken Family Foundation at (310) 570-4772 for more information.
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The Virginia Tech Autism Clinic & Center for Autism Research, within the Clinical Science program in the Department of Psychology, in partnership with Virginia Cooperative Extension and Commonwealth Autism, is seeking candidates for two positions as postdoctoral associate, senior research associate, or research scientist. These would be ideal for anyone interested in building capacity for autism services in rural communities by working with schools. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis and will continue to review applications until both are filled. Visit the  to learn more. Questions can be directed to Angela Scarpa at .
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Does your job leave you feeling stressed? Are you a teacher or school psychologist who completed your university training between 2018 and 2022? Let your voice be heard!

My name is M. Elaine Ray. I am an educational diagnostician with 16 years of experience in public schools as a teacher and diagnostician. I am also a doctoral candidate who is enlisting volunteers to participate in a study about the experiences of early career teachers and school psychologists. Data consistently show that the highest attrition in the field of education occurs in the first five year of educators’ careers. The purpose of this research is to survey experiences of early career teachers and school psychologists related to stress, burnout, protective factors, and turnover intentions. The survey should take about 30 to 45 minutes of your time and will potentially provide information on how to better understand the experiences that early career teachers and school psychologists face on a regular basis. You could also be entered into a drawing for one of ten gift cards for your participation.

Please remember that participation is voluntary. There is a potential risk of loss of confidentiality in all email, downloading, electronic messages, and internet transactions.

To participate, please to access the survey.

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact my dissertation chair, Wendi Johnson , or me, M. Elaine Ray .

Thank you for considering your participation!
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