It's Anthology Time!

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It's time to get KRAKEN on your anthology poems and art!
But first, a story from the Writers' Loft founder, Heather Gerry Kelly:
Once upon a time, board member Kristen Wixted told me that creating an animal-themed poetry anthology for children was on her bucket list.

I thought, "Well, that's an extremely specific bucket list item!" But I'm always game for an adventure, and since Kristen is AMAZING, I said LET'S DO IT!

An Assortment of Animals was born!

Brian Lies did the awesome cover art, and 32 authors, illustrators, art directors, editors, and book designers were involved!
We even had a mascot! We spent a year collecting poetry, holding critiques groups, delivering editor letters, critiquing art, delivering art editorial letters, formatting, pressing publish, and then more!

We marketed, held bookstore and school visits--SO MUCH FUN!
So much fun, in fact, that we did it all over again! Friends & Anemones was even better! (Hard to imagine!) With Kristen at the helm once again and cover art by Jodie Apeseche, we encouraged 70 authors and illustrators, editors and directors, to help us create this amazing book.


Kristen is that good--she never missed a publishing deadline!
Friends & Anemones was a love note to the environment, and so we sent the first 3 months of proceeds to the Rozalia Project, to support ocean science and clean-up.

I could not be prouder of this publishing endeavor and all the good that has come from it, for its authors, illustrators, and readers.
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Pandemic Anthology Number Two
Pandemic Anthology Number Two
Kristen did not rest during the pandemic! Oh, she baked the requisite sourdough bread, hunted down toilet paper, mommed three young adults, AND created a new poetry anthology featuring BIPOC teens.

Odes of Us is one of my favorite things that the Writers' Loft Press has ever created.

Next time you see Kristen, give her a woo-hoo!
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Attention poets and artists! It's time to get KRAKEN on your anthology poems!

The next Writers' Loft Press illustrated poetry anthology for children will be about MYTHICAL CREATURES from all over the world. 

WHAT WE WANT: Poems about legendary mythical creatures (cryptids) from around the world (think whimsical, not terrifying--this is for children!) Some common examples of Euro-or-American-based cryptids are Unicorns, Bigfoot, Mermaids, Loch Ness Monster, etc. We want your creative/poetic take on cryptozoology (crypto=hidden, zoology = study of animals). 

If you have a connection to a specific culture, we'd love you to write a poem about a mythical creature from that culture. 

WHAT WE DO NOT WANT: We're not looking for poems about Deities (Gods & Goddesses) and no ghosts, please. Nothing that takes a human-ish form. We also don't want the center of the poem to be a child. The poem's main character, as it were, should be the creature itself.

Don't MYTH the opportunity to be in our next poetry Anthology! Submit through the button below! We're accepting submissions through June 1, 2022. Check out the form, but there's no hurry to submit right now! Craft a poem, or two, or three.

*We ask that one of your poems is a tanka or haiku, one is less than 250 characters, and one is less than 500 characters (not words, characters!).

We will have judges again help us select the poems.

And yes, we are looking for artists! The google form has info for the artists--keep scrolling to the bottom. The art info is there.

Send questions to wlpressbooks (at) gmail (dot) com. 

(If you are an artist only and submitting samples of artwork, there is no membership requirement for you. We're still building our illustration programming at the Loft!)
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Mythological Anthology Submission!
Get Your Anthology Groove On with Kyra Cook
Get Your Anthology Groove On with Kyra Cook
We're working on a new anthology and thinking about mythical creatures! It's time to illustrate and write down some new ideas! During this brainstorming session, we will observe a constructed still-life scene inspired by mythical creatures and where they live. We'll use a timer for set periods of observation, creation, discussion, and more observation. What will your imagination do with our mythical setting? We hope this event will inspire new work: poetry or illustrations for our anthology or work for other projects! Writers and illustrators alike will draw from the same scene and we'll have time to discuss what we see together. This will be a fun, low-key, idea-sparking event!

Upcoming Events--Click on the posters to sign up!


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