About Us

The Jaycees were organized here to promote community buy-in and social involvement with individuals up to the age of 40. The "why" behind this organization revolves around building strong relationships. It is important to recognize that serving together and socializing by having the Jaycees as a common ground creates the environment to faster and more vibrant connections with our peers.
We want to engage all youth, not just one particular interest such as young professionals. Although personal and leadership development are parts of our club, it is not the only directive of the Jaycees. We are more focused on being connected with others. Simply put, it is about making friends in this town.
We have many individuals who did not grow up here but came here for an occupation. We want to plug them in. They may not have an interest in being a future community leader, but everyone has an interest to feel as they belong. That is where we are investing with this club.