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ITG is a privately-funded R&D center based in A Coruña. Our aim is to improve the competitiveness of companies, organizations and professionals through R&D&I and differential technology. The Internet of Things (IoT), Bidgata, Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Vision or nanotechnology are the tools we use in the industrial, energy, water, environmental and construction sector (in Spain we are the only certifying body that awards the international BREEAM® certification) We are members of the governing council of the Spanish Federation of Technological Centers (FEDIT) since 2010. ITG’s managing director currently holds the Presidency of this Federation, comprising 47 technological centers that employ 3,341 people and generate revenues of 247 million euros. ITG has a high Expertise in Digital Water and it has been developing and implementing complex Decision Support Systems Applied to: - River basin management: Water Quality - Urban Planning & Drinking Water Management (in context of climate change) - Urban Planning & Sanitation & Wastewater Management - Math. Modelling and bi-directional integration Modelling Tools and Gis Web Platforms (i.e. EPANET/SWMM) - WWTP, including NBS DIGITAL WATER: INTERNATIONAL AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS - WIZ-LIFE: “Best of The Best Project” (Life Programme. European Union) - LIFE-ROEMPLUS – “Best Project”. (Life Programme. European Union) - SANePLAN: selected as best-practice in Water Governance by the OECD. PILOTS: High Experienced in Pilots Implementation > 34 relevant Pilots Ongoing UE projects. Drinking Water Networks & Urban Planning; Sanitation & Urban Planning; WWTP monitoring; Circular Economy; Green Solutions; Urban Resilience. ITG has experience both leading projects and/or WP. Programs: Horizon Europe, H2020, LIFE, Eureka, among others.