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I am an autonomous Franco/Nigerian (Afro-european), photojournalist based in London. I explore social, political and cultural issues through photography, video and multimedia. Photographer since 1986. Self taught whilst living in Paris, my first work was in theatres. My development in photojournalism came with moving to west Berlin, Germany in 1988. I covered political and social events in the city and published my first photos in Berlin with Die Tageszeitung . After the fall of the Berlin Wall, I was in Prague for the Velvet Revolution, in Romania, Bulgaria, and Kosovo in 1989, the fall of Communism. I subsequently returned to these areas to work and covered the Balkan civil war in 1992, the Abkhazian conflict with Georgia, and Azerbaijan/Armenia conflict refugees. Reportage in England, France, Hungary and Greece. Topics included refugees in France and Hungary. Protests and marches in France and England., London terrorist attacks, Grenfell Tower fire, and particularly the resurgence of a culture of protest. Member of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and FFR (Frontline Freelance Registry). Publications in the UK with The Guardian, The Times, Mirror, New Internationalist. Balder (Swedish publication) and others. Exhibited my work in galleries in Germany, US, and UK. French and English as a native speaker, conversation German and Italian. Exhibitions Europe in Flux, 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, London, November 2019. Presentation of book. F8 photographers Collective at East London Photo festival, The Hive, London 2015. “Discrete Carnage”: Photography exhibition with Jos Boys. Spinach, London 2009.