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"My greatest fear in trying to be the best, is believing that I can't do better." - C. Avci Innovation: I have always been in the electronic and digital world, both in my past military life and in my civilian work life until today, and I have signed many successful projects such as; SPEWS II AN/ALQ-178 V5, AVKES Infrared Heater, STOHI Analytics AI Computer, AIR DATA SYSTEM Pitot / Static Kit A220-IMQD-PS, TSS ANTENNA ATTENUATOR TDS-01-02 Accountability: I’m always responsible for managing supplier qualification, customers’ satisfaction, customers’ demands, business development, RFP, implementation, supplier selection, compliance and ongoing supply management process. Excellence: I have very strong knowledge about Gemba, 5S (Sort, Store, Shine, Standardize and Sustain), waste elimination due to Defect, Over Production, Transportation, Waiting, Inventory, Motion, Over processing, Development: As a former officer who has 30 years of professional experience in aviation and military electronics and has worked in NATO secret projects, I worked for Research, Development, Manufacturing, Test and Inspection of Electronics Circuit Boards and Assemblies for Aerospace and defense Industries. Leadership: My leadership started when I was 16 years old at Air Force Collage. I’m the leader who makes positive changes in the lives of my team. I always think first of all the well-being of my team. For me, the essence of leadership is to serve people, to improve their lives.

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