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Juan A. Thompson, a native of Dayton, OH, has been a music industry professional since 1996. Over his tenor, he's worked with hundreds of independent recording artists in the areas of production, development, marketing, promotions, and business development consultations. In 2013, while watching American Idol, he thought to himself how cool it would be to see rappers and singers competing against each other. That night, he dreamed of being in a large arena where a rapper and a singer were competing against each other. He was amazed how the event felt more like a sports event than a music competition. This dream sparked the idea of organizing music competition as a sport. In 2015, he conducted his first Music-Sports event in Virginia Beach, VA. From 2015,2018, he ran various Music-Sports events throughout Hampton Roads. However, due to complications with continuously have to come out-of-pocket for event expenses took a toll on his mental and physical health. This caused him to have to take a 3-year hiatus to re-strategize the overall vision. In 2021, Juan registered the organization as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in hopes of establishing Music-Sports as a definitive form of sports entertainment, artists development, and, ultimately, an Olympic sport.

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