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The firm started it's first operations at 40 Kandahar Street near the Sultan Mosque as a bookshop in the 1960s. The business was incorporated on 5th July 1979 as a private limited exempt company. The company first published its books in 1963 and was producing several Malay novels by young writers who are now quite prominent in the Malay literary scene in Singapore and Malaysia. It also publishes translations of Arabic books into Malay as a form of spreading knowledge to those who cannot understand Arabic. It has also developed the madrasah school textbooks in 1996 which is still being used today. The principal activities of PN lie in publishing quality books, distribution to retail outlets in Singapore, Brunei & Malaysia, typesetting services in Arabic, Malay & English, supplying to corporate customers. PN has produced ebooks and audiobooks for about 100 titles.