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View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
Businesses play a central role in providing food to communities and combating hunger and malnutrition. Without careful management and safeguards, company operations can negatively impact the local food security of communities surrounding their operations and supply chain.

A particular problem is abuse of land rights through land grabbing. Businesses in all sectors should ensure that land used throughout their supply chain is not, and has not, been taken without free, prior and informed consent from local communities. Companies can also negatively impact communities by restricting access to agricultural inputs including seeds, water supplies, knowledge and finance.
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AMCHAM Members share their actions to contribute towards this SDG. 
Wong & Partners – Pathway to End Hunger
Wong & Partners – Pathway to End Hunger
Wong & Partners collaborates with FunGates Superflow Foundation – Soup Kitchen which provides daily free lunches for the urban poor and homeless in the community.

Along with providing funds, Wong & Partners also organise periodic visits to the soup kitchen to participate in the actual preparation and distribution activities.
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Western Digital’s CSR Activity – Hunger Relief
Western Digital’s CSR Activity – Hunger Relief
Hunger Relief has always been one of the most important goals for Western Digital worldwide when it comes to the global giving and doing initiative. For the past 3 years their employees across the globe have never failed to come together and pack meals for the cause. As for the end of 2019, a total of exceeding 6 million meals were packed and distributed across the globe.
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1. Intentionality
  • Is your company committed to supporting the achievement of Goal 2? Have you developed a holistic strategy that reflects this commitment, covering end-to-end operations and the wider community?
  • Are you committed to learn from your actions and do you have processes in place to improve them accordingly?
  • Is your strategy supported by the highest levels of management, including the Board of Directors?
2. Ambition
  • Do your actions achieve long-term outcomes that greatly exceed those resulting from current industry practice?
  • Are your actions aligned with what is needed to achieve Goal 2?
3. Consistency
  • Is support for Goal 2 embedded across all organizational functions?
  • Are staff and board incentives aligned with achieving Goal 2?
4. Collaboration
  • Do you proactively look for opportunities to partner with Governments, UN agencies, suppliers, civil society organizations, industry peers and other stakeholders to inform how to advance Goal 2?
5. Accountability
  • Do you publicly express your commitment to advance Goal 2?
  • Do you identify, monitor, and report on impacts, including potentially adverse impacts? • Do you mitigate risks associated with your action?
  • Do you remediate negative impacts associated with this action?
  • Do you engage stakeholders in a meaningful way?
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