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View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
View from UN Global Compact Malaysia
The world’s major health priorities include reproductive, maternal and child health; communicable, non-communicable and environmental diseases; universal health coverage; and access for all to safe, effective, quality, and affordable medicines and vaccines.

Chronic non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease are now the leading causes of death and illness worldwide. They are projected to cost more than $30 trillion over the next two decades and push millions of people below the poverty line. Mental health disorders, malaria, HIV, TB, smoking, and road traffic deaths and injuries constrain global wellbeing, especially in developing countries, where 400 million people lack access to essential health services.
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AMCHAM Members share their actions to contribute towards this SDG. 
Gibraltar BSN - Creating a Healthier Community at Abdullah Hukum Apartments
Gibraltar BSN - Creating a Healthier Community at Abdullah Hukum Apartments
As Malaysia’s Community Protection Champion, Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad’s CSR strategy is driven by its mission to Protect Dreams.

Under its Community Outreach pillar, the life insurer aims to make an impact on the quality of life and well-being of people in the B40 segment through programmes that encourage healthy lifestyles and improve long-term health outcomes. Headquartered in KL Eco City Bangsar, Gibraltar BSN decided to adopt the community living in the neighbouring Abdullah Hukum low-cost apartments.
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International SOS – Sustainability Support
International SOS – Sustainability Support
International SOS support sustainability and actively contribute to finding the solutions that have a positive impact on society.

We focus on the impact we have on the workplace, communities and environments we and our clients operate in. And we do this with a long-term view in mind. International SOS do this best by leveraging its core expertise and services in the medical and security arena. We believe as an employer, we have a Duty of Care to safeguard our global workforce.
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Herbalife Nutrition – Purpose Driven Nutrition
Herbalife Nutrition – Purpose Driven Nutrition
Herbalife Nutrition plays an active role in promoting good health and well-being to everyone.

Our Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB), made up of leading experts from around the world in the fields of nutrition and health, travelled extensively to countries where we operate in to educate and train the independent distributors. In Malaysia, we have at least two nutrition trainings a year conducted by these leading experts.
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1. Intentionality
  • Is your company committed to supporting the achievement of Goal 3? Have you developed a holistic strategy that reflects this commitment, covering end-to-end operations and the wider community?
  • Are you committed to learn from your actions and do you have processes in place to improve them accordingly? 
  • Is your strategy supported by the highest levels of management, including the Board of Directors?
2. Ambition
  • Do your actions achieve long-term outcomes that greatly exceed those resulting from current industry practice? 
  • Are your actions aligned with what is needed to achieve Goal 3?
3. Consistency
  • Is support for Goal 3 embedded across all organizational functions?
  • Are staff and board incentives aligned with achieving Goal 3?
4. Collaboration
  • Do you proactively look for opportunities to partner with Governments, UN agencies, suppliers, civil society organizations, industry peers and other stakeholders to inform how to advance Goal 3?
5. Accountability
  • Do you publicly express your commitment to advance Goal 3? 
  • Do you identify, monitor, and report on impacts, including potentially adverse impacts?
  • Do you mitigate risks associated with your action? 
  • Do you remediate negative impacts associated with this action? 
  • Do you engage stakeholders in a meaningful way? 
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