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#3 April 2020
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A Personal Message From Executive Director (Friday, April 3rd)
Dear Members and Friends,

It is now clear the human cost and misery relating to COVID-19 is becoming more evident. In the UK last night, a fit and healthy 19 year-old succumbed devastating an extended family and community and challenging the belief that only the older with pre-existing health conditions are vulnerable. In Jakarta, news of multiple fatalities among our neighbours in our executive office complex and another staff of our member suddenly make the Impersonal daily stats very personal. the harsh human tragedy that is the reality of this global pandemic.

I have mentioned before that I am plugged in to a number of what’s app groups, receiving news feeds and chat chains. There is a lot of criticism at the pace of decision-making in Indonesia and how slowly they are ramping up the protection equipment for health workers and testing kits for the wider public.

Indonesia may be regarded as less sophisticated in certain respects, certainly less developed in healthcare terms. But nations regarded as sophisticated and developed are grappling with the same problems. On a daily basis, the British Government is being criticized for still being unable to meet the PPE needs of the NHS and others in frontline care. There are reportedly only 40 labs currently for test results, meant to cope with a targeted 20,000 tests per day. The private sector is screaming to know what chemicals, components and other inputs government needs to satisfy demand. They say they can adapt and do yet they can’t get clarity. Indeed, there isn’t even clarity on how many ventilators will be needed at the peak.
So, while we can convert a convention Centre into a 4000 unit Nightingale facility in just 2 weeks -admirable - the more basic interventions are lacking and the public is somewhat confused.

And, our mostly S E Asian readership will get this, just this morning it is now being declared that wearing face-masks may have an impact on the spread of the virus.

My point here is that all nations have been or are in crisis and most are struggling with the scale of the crisis and the coordination of responses. As guests in Indonesia, this is an appropriate time to support government initiatives, be they healthcare or welfare related - be that support in actual terms of leading by example and treating staff fairly and with compassion, sharing knowledge and experience of prevention and safety, or through positive communication that can help calm a nation in fear and close to panic.
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The Ramadhan season is approaching and with the traditions of Mudik or Going Home, the government will be faced with one particular tough and tricky decision.

The government has been proactive and started a campaign of “No Mudik or No Going Home”. We sounded out sentiment among membership in our first Snapshot Snap Poll.
BritCham Talk : Comments on "No Mudik" Campaign
BritCham Talk : Comments on
The following podcast is the comment of our BritCham Team from various background on the campaign of “No Mudik”
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As mentioned previously, our goal is to avoid multiplication of information and intelligence and opinion already flowing through to you.

Therefore, our webinar offerings starts today. This an outcome of coordination and association with the British Chambers of Commerce and will represent sound bites of where South Korea is in the cycle to recovery. There will be more of these associated offerings as an exclusive privilege to members. You have received seperate invitations.

Next week, we will invite parents to listen to senior educators and discuss the challenges of disruption to exams, college entry, study at home. Registration information will follow shortly.
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Further offerings for week 3 April are to include the human resource challenges of business continuity; the opportunity to fast-track you business digitization plans; IT modifications for longer term WFM and related protection and efficiencies.
We are posting regulatory and legal updates to our website

More recent updates relating to Indonesia and
the UK can be found below within this Snapshots Extra.
Our team is buddied up with your team members. I know there has been quite active engagement. Anyone wishing to share thoughts or suggestions with me during these extraordinary times may do so by email: or by what’s app:
+44 7561 485733

Wishing you can stay safe.
Best regards,

Chris Wren
Executive Director
BritCham Indonesia
Updates From Indonesia
Large-Scale Social Restriction & National Health Emergency Status (updated on 02/04)

  • Indonesian version Government Regulations no. 21 (2020) on Large-Scale Social Restriction [HERE] [effective on 31st of March 2020]

  • Indonesian version Presidential Decree no. 11 (2020) on National Health Emergency Status [HERE] [effective on 31st of March 2020]

Emergency Stay Permit
(updated on 02/04)

  • To curb COVID-19 outbreak in the country, the RI Government through Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree no. 11 (2020) on Temporary Ban for Foreigners to enter Indonesia [Indonesian version here - PERMEN_KUMHAM_11_2020 _ updated 01/04] . This regulation will be effective on Thursday, April 2 2020, replacing Permenkumham no. 7 & 8 2020

  • For foreigners in Indonesia whose travel and stay permit is expired and/or cannot be extended will be automatically granted Emergency Stay Permit without submitting a request to Immigration Office. This service is free of charge.
More details here:

Tax Incentives amid Coronavirus 2020 [PMK no.23 (2020)]
(updated 30/03)

Ministry of Transportation’s Recommendation on Restriction of Transportation Mode in Jabodetabek Area
(update 04/01)

Updates From UK
UK business information
campaign and support website
(updated on 31/03)

Prime Minister announces record UK aid funding towards COVID-19 vaccine
(updated on 31/03)

British Chamber of Commerce (BCC)
Coronavirus Support Hub
(updated on 3/04)

COVID-19 Business
and Employers Bulletin
(updated on 31/03)

Call for ventilators: The government is looking for businesses who can support in the supply of ventilators across the UK as part of our response to COVID-19.
Please ask any companies offering existing ventilator equipment to email
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