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BritCham Business Snapshots
#16 November 2020
A Personal Message From Executive Director (Monday, Nov 16th)
We hear that some businesses are cruising into the final straights of this extraordinary year. But BritCham is cranking everything up for a final sprint. With so much happening, I wanted to be certain that our members and stakeholders don’t miss out on some unique opportunities and insightful business intelligence.
Last week we launched the outcomes of the BritCham International Confidence Index 2020 to all respondents, British and EU Ambassadors, and KADIN.
The link to the event is here
The link to the presentation slides is here
And the front page coverage by Jakarta Post is here
On Friday, our Human Capital & Education Centre launched a vid clip competition and alumni can win a 2-night stay at the Hard Rock Bali.

Not alumni? Maybe you work with some who studies in the UK?
Visit our Instagram and Facebook page for more details.
Tomorrow, the Professional Women’s Group honours and celebrates the international awards of ALL THREE of BritCham’s nominations. Ibu Inke Maris, Prita Kemal Gani and Shinta Kamdani come together as one amazing PWG panel.
Click here to grab the last places
On Nov 26th, It’s great to see our retired Chair, Ainsley Mann, leading the Climate Change Member Focus with the same verve he led our Chamber for three years. Again, he brings together two of the most globally recognized executives to share insights on the role of technology in advancing the objectives of conservation.

Discussing content so critical, we have decided this should be an OPEN webinar. Non members welcome with booking priorities for members.
Click here for the webinar details
It is also great to see our two recently retired Vice Chairs coming together and offering the BritCham stakeholder network sound advice on tackling the Indonesian market.
This podcast with Harun Reksodiputro, Partner at Ginting & Reksodiputro in association with Allen & Overy and David Burke, Partner/Founder at Wellington Capital Advisory is highly recommended for top level market access intelligence.
Podcast link
And there is still more in the mix - from talent acquisition, development and retention to smart city challenges and opportunities, it is all aimed at helping our business community to finish on a high and be well prepared for the challenges of 2021. Watch this space.
Forthcoming Events
BritCham Professional Women's Group: Celebrating IWEC Women Entrepreneur Awardees
BritCham Professional Women's Group: Celebrating IWEC Women Entrepreneur Awardees
Tuesday, 17 November 2020 | 4 pm WIB (9 AM UK) | RSVP


  • Poonam Sagar, Indonesia Ambassador of International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC)
  • Sony Jethnani, Chairwoman of BritCham Professional Women’s Group

We proudly showcase 3 women entrepreneurs (BritCham members) who are awardees of IWEC Global Women Entrepreneur 2020. This award is to honor women who have achieved the highest standards in business and expanded their companies through their global outreach.

These 3 women are successful leaders and changemakers in their industry/business sectors. They will share their experiences and their journey to success and also the changes they have implemented in their career and personal lives during this current "new normal" phase.
Join us for this inspiring and informative session and gain new insights and ideas to end 2020 on a positive and brighter note.

This event is exclusive for ladies.
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BritCham Virtual Roadshow with British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA): Business Opportunities in Indonesia
BritCham Virtual Roadshow with British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA): Business Opportunities in Indonesia
Friday, 20 November 2020 | 4 pm WIB (9 AM UK) | RSVP

With more than 20 years of in-country experience, Chris Wren, Executive Director of BritCham Indonesia, will share the latest market updates and suggest how to approach business opportunities post-Covid-19.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and represents more than 40% GDP of ASEAN countries. Indonesia is now there world's fourth most populous nation with 267 million populations after China, India and the US. Indonesia is also the only permanent South East Asia member in G-20 and the world's 10th largest economy in regards to purchasing power parity. The country offers huge opportunities in the various business sectors such as education, infrastructure, financial technology and many more. Human capital development through education in particular is one of the main focuses of the Indonesian government—an opportunity too big to ignore for UK companies. The Covid-19 pandemic has also become a drive for education technology to be implemented across Indonesia in order to achieve more accessible education and higher quality of human capital.

After overviews, book your one-to-one session with Chris Wren to discuss your market access aspirations and strategy. More information will be sent after registration.

This virtual roadshow is exclusively open for UK companies and businesses.
BritCham Climate Change Member Focus Group Webinar: Climate Change - A Global Corporate Perspective
BritCham Climate Change Member Focus Group Webinar: Climate Change - A Global Corporate Perspective
Thursday, 26 November 2020 | 4 pm WIB (9 AM UK) | RSVP

  • Andrew Briggs, Chief Global Business Officer of NTT Ltd.
  • Wen-Ming Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Business, Asia Pacific of NTT. Ltd.

Ainsley Mann, Chairman of BritCham Climate Change Member Focus Group & ASEAN Head of Business Development at Swire Pacific

NTT Communications are the corporate lead for the UN Sustainability Development Goal #11 which focuses on sustainable cities and communities. We will discuss the role of technology in advancing the objectives of conservation, smarter and more environmentally friendly cities as well as improving agricultural productivity particularly for remote communities.
Joining us will be Andrew Briggs, Chief Global Business Officer of NTT Ltd. and Wen-Ming Wong, Senior Vice President, Global Business, Asia Pacific of NTT Ltd.
More Upcoming Events:

  • The First BritCham Human Capital and Education Member Focus Group Webinar | Thursday, 3 December 2020 | Details TBA
  • BritCham Climate Change Member Focus Group Roundtable Discussion | Friday, 4 December 2020 | Exclusive for BritCham Members | Details TBA
  • BritCham Smart Cities Member Focus Group Webinar | Details TBA
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Webinars you may have missed
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  • October 21st, 2020 | Transformation Starts with Change-Agile Leaders | HERE
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  • September 30th, 2020 | BritCham Marketing Information Webinar: Keeping Your People Safe in an Uncertain World - Global 1st Tech | HERE
  • September 17th, 2020 | The Rise of Smart Cities: A Real Estate Perspective | HERE
  • September 16th, 2020 | To Open the Borders, to Remain Closed ? That is the Question | HERE
  • September 2nd, 2020 | UK Residential Market Update | HERE
  • September 1st, 2020 | Innovate Indonesia: Unlocking Growth Through Technological Transformation | HERE

  • August 28th, 2020 | Improved Economics & Plant Operability by Enhancing Heat Exchanger Performance | HERE
  • August 6th, 2020 | INDONESIA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS - How to Navigate the Complexities | HERE

  • July 27th, 2020 | Corporate Climate Change Commitments - A Global Leadership Perspective | HERE
  • July 16th, 2020 | Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Manual for Indonesia | HERE
  • July 14th, 2020 | Britcham Indonesia Ministerial Series : EAST JAVA STRATEGIC, AMBITIOUS | HERE
  • July 9th, 2020 | Britcham Environmental Series: The Road to COP 26 Meeting Corporate Climate Commitments and the Role of Forest Restoration Project | HERE
  • July 7th, 2020 | Mentari Program: UK Government’s Support for Indonesian Renewable Energy Projects | HERE
  • July 2nd, 2020 | BritCham Professional Women’s Group Webinar: Consumer Behavior in the “New Normal” | HERE

  • June 29th, 2020 | UK Academic and Vocational Expertise Well Positioned to Support Indonesia’s National Human Capital Goals | HERE
  • June 25th, 2020 | Business Needs For Property - Global & Consumer Trends Shift Demand | HERE
  • June 18th, 2020 | In love with English Football! Unique & Exclusive Insights | HERE
  • June 16th, 2020 | Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions in the Time of COVID-19 | HERE

  • May 28th, 2020 | Digital is Your New Front Door: How to Exploit and Manage These New Opportunities | HERE
  • May 22nd, 2020 | BritCham Indonesia Webinar - NEW : Digital Transformation Series | HERE
  • May 19th, 2020 | Leadership & Adaptability: The C-Suite Needs to Know These 12 Leadership Practices For Disruptive Times - a one hour sharing session strictly for executives, directors and senior managers | HERE
  • May 18th, 2020 | BritCham Indonesia Webinar : Our COVID-19 Story: West Java - Challenges, Wins, Collaborations, Opportunities with Governor Ridwan Kamil (Governor of West Java) | HERE
  • May 12th, 2020 | PWG : Women and Realizations in the “NEW NORMAL” Beyond COVID-19 | HERE
  • May 6th, 2020 | BritCham Indonesia Webinar : DKI Jakarta Takes on COVID-19 Business Communities have Roles and Responsibilities | HERE
  • May 5th, 2020 | Tax Round-table with The Fry Group for BRITISH expat temporarily re-positioned. Essential considerations | HERE
  • May 4th, 2020 | Buka Puasa with Britcham |HERE

  • Apr 30th, 2020 | The British Chambers of Commerce – business and trade in the midst and after the COVID-19 crisis | HERE
  • Apr 23rd, 2020 | BritCham Indonesia WEBINAR SERIES : Cash Flow Strategies & The Need to Think Beyond These Distressed Times | HERE
  • Apr 17th, 2020 | Q&A Session with British Ambassador to Indonesia and Timor-Leste | HERE
  • Apr 16th, 2020 | BritCham Indonesia WEBINAR SERIES : Human Capital - To Cull or to Nurture Your Human Assets? |HERE
Latest News
COVID-19, red tape harm investor confidence
Minister Plate readies strategic steps to support AI
Jokowi calls on fintechs to adopt good governance for enhanced cybersecurity, services
Ma'ruf Amin Upbeat about Halal Industrial Zones Drawing Foreign Investors
New national parks and thousands of green jobs under plans to build back greener
UK government launches taskforce to support drive for 2 million green jobs by 2030
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre News
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre: Major and Career Plans Survey
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre: Major and Career Plans Survey
If you have plans to pursue further study in the UK, we would love to hear about your major preferences and your career plans. We appreciate if you can take a few minutes to complete our brief survey. Also, if you happen to know family, friends, and/or people within your networks who are planning to continue their study, please feel free to share this survey with them.

If you have any questions, please drop a message to our team at
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Click here, to fill in the survey
For more than 4 decades, BritCham Indonesia has been facilitating trade and investment between Indonesia and the UK. This year, we have established a new unit within the Executive Office focusing on education and human resource.

One step further to get in touch with the best returning talent.

To talk to our team, contact: and make sure to follow BritCham Education Centre on Facebook & LinkedIn page
COVID-19 Update (Monday, Nov 16th)
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  • Green Conference 2020 (Sustainable Finance: A Blueprint for Green Recovery) | November 17 | 3 PM Jakarta Time | RSVP

  • Design and Construction Innovations | November 19 | 3.30 PM Jakarta Time | RSVP
  • Managing Family Businesses | November 20 | 11.30 AM Jakarta Time | RSVP
  • Coexisting with COVID - Survive, Protect & Contribute | November 24 | 4.30 PM Jakarta Time | RSVP
  • Design and Construction Innovations | November 25 | 5 PM Jakarta Time | RSVP

  • Simon Sinek - The Infinite Game | November 17 & 24 | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • UK Outlook Series: Tax Strategy and Planning for Returning to the UK | November 18 | 3 PM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • A discussion on UK-Singapore relations with H.E. Kara Owen CMG CVO | November 24 | 11 AM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • A Blueprint for Webinars - What Not to Do | November 26 | 3 PM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP


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