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#04 January 2021
Personal Message from Executive Director (Monday, 4 January 2021)
In the last two weeks, the UK has started to record its highest levels of positive COVID cases and on Sunday total attributable deaths passed 75,000. For context, do we all remember the Imperial College worst-case model predicting between 30-40,000 and PM Boris and Co talking of less than 25,000 as a job well done? And as the political parties argue over ‘when’ more stringent restrictions should be put in place, we are all indeed grateful and proud of the delivery of the Oxford University/Astra Zeneca vaccine, the most practical option available in terms of stability and price.
The challenge now seems very clear- to get 25 million British citizens vaccinated before the healthcare system is over-run. Easter is proffered as realistic IF government can get logistics right. We all hope so.

Not too much stall has ever been held in the data in our host country simply because of the low levels of testing as a percentage of population. But, I am hearing that there is a queue for hospital beds in Bogor and very close to similar in parts of Greater Jakarta. This would suggest that our respective countries are experiencing very very similar strains on healthcare capacity.

In the absence of any concrete progress with the Chinese options, let’s hope that Astra Zeneca and RI can find a way to fast-track a deal, production and distribution of the British vaccine here in Indonesia. Surely that is a fair and credible aspiration and reason for optimism.

BREXIT was done while most of us were on leave. Having spent the holiday season in the UK and been hooked up to various Chamber, private sector and trade social media groups, it is almost unanimously agreed that a deal is better than no deal. But there is plenty of conjecture as to how much better this deal is v no deal. Only time will tell. It is far too early to appraise the winners and losers. But, to follow are five objective observations that I have plucked from chatter within the British Chambers’ network.
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YOUR INPUT MATTERS. I will be writing to executives among nominees of members on Thursday. In addition to introducing you more formally to our new Board line-up, I shall be inviting your input on what you would like us to do more of, less of and introduce as ‘new’ . Please do give this your attention.

Finally, those of you who know me just a little also know I am very much a glass half-full person. I look back on how well we have all coped under extreme circumstances last year. We are all realistic enough to know that those challenges now spill into 2021. So, whilst we may not be in calmer waters, we do have the benefit if invaluable experience. So, let’s continue to work through these challenges in the same spirit of duty and partnership. On behalf of the Executive Office team, please be assured of our total support again this year.

With best regards to you al.

Chris Wren
Executive Director
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Latest News
Travel updates to Indonesia - 4 January 2021

All foreign nationals are banned from entering Indonesia from 1 January 2021 until 14 January 2021 with exception to:
  1. ITAS (temporary stay permit) & ITAP (permanent stay permit) holders;
  2. Diplomatic visa holders

Until 14 January 2021, Indonesian nationals who returned from overseas are required to have a negative PCR test result taken maximum 2x24 hours prior to their departure. Upon arrival, they are required to take another PCR Test and quarantine at facilities provided by RI Government for 5 days on their personal expense.

Submission of Circular of the National Task Force for Handling COVID-19 Number 4 of 2020 concerning the Travel Health Protocol for People during the COVID-19 Pandemic | ID | Eng unofficial translation |
Transjakarta wants 10,000 electric buses in service by 2030
Govt ensures uninterrupted electricity subsidies for community in 2021
Sandiaga Uno highlights three initiatives for tourism sector revival
Erick Thohir to Explore Electric Car Cooperation with Tesla in February
Post-Brexit trade deal begins,
ushering in a new era for the
UK-EU relationship
UK banks to
launch wave
of green products
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre News
For more than 4 decades, BritCham Indonesia has been facilitating trade and investment between Indonesia and the UK. This year, we have established a new unit within the Executive Office focusing on education and human resource.

One step further to get in touch with the best returning talent.

To talk to our team, contact: and make sure to follow BritCham Education Centre on Facebook & LinkedIn page
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre: Major and Career Plans Survey
BritCham Human Capital & Education Centre: Major and Career Plans Survey
If you have plans to pursue further study in the UK, we would love to hear about your major preferences and your career plans. We appreciate if you can take a few minutes to complete our brief survey. Also, if you happen to know family, friends, and/or people within your networks who are planning to continue their study, please feel free to share this survey with them.

If you have any questions, please drop a message to our team at
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International Health Insurance
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  • Effective Negotiation Skills | Jan 11 | 6.30PM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • A New Way of Working with Government | Jan 12 | 3.30PM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • Business English (Basic) | Starts from Jan 12 | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • Myanmar Tax Updates | Jan 22 | 2.30PM Jakarta | Fee Applies | RSVP

  • Diversity in the Workplace - Managing Sensitive Racial Diversity Issues | Jan 28 | 8AM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP
  • Your Southeast Asia Expansion – People before Product | Feb 24 | 4PM Jakarta Time | Fee Applies | RSVP

  • BCCT T3 Business Networking | Jan 21 | 6.30 PM Jakarta Time | Siam Kempinski | Fee Applies | RSVP

  • Leaders Talk: Start-up – Keys To Success | Jan 9 | 8AM Jakarta Time | Thang Long Hall, Sofitel Legend Metropole, 15 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi | Free of Charge | RSVP
  • BritCham’s PUB QUIZ | Jan 14 | 6.30PM Jakarta Time | Belgo Lê Ngô Cát – 2 Lê Ngô Cát street, District 10, HCM | Fee Applies | RSVP
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